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People Working in Customer Service Make Excellent Insurance Adjusters

Do you want to leave your customer service job? Trust us — we understand you completely. The job is anything but rewarding. What’s more, the pay isn’t that amazing either (which is putting it lightly). But which career jump should you make? Are there any jobs that you’re qualified for? Or are you doomed to a life of customer service forever? Don’t despair; customer service actually makes you more than competent for plenty of other career paths. One of the most rewarding ones requires taking a big plunge. Have you considered going into insurance adjuster school to become an insurance claims adjuster?

What Does an Independent Insurance Adjuster Do?

Did you know that the need for insurance adjusters will only keep growing until 2024? Accidents and catastrophes happen every day. That’s why there’s a steady and consistent need for insurance adjusters who will handle the claims.

An independent adjuster is part investigator and part people pleaser. Independent licensed adjusters work for third-party administrators or, in some cases, several insurance firms. When an accident or a catastrophe occurs, they are the ones who go to the scene.

They investigate the impacted areas. Furthermore, they gather information about what exactly happened, how it impacted the insurance holder, and what the settlement should be.

Becoming an independent insurance adjuster in Texas isn’t that hard. You need to be an adult U.S. citizen (over 18 years of age) with a GED or a high school diploma. Finally, you need to have a permanent Texas residency.

If you meet these conditions, you can apply for online courses and licensing classes and be on your merry way to becoming a licensed adjuster.

How Does Customer Service Experience Make Me An Ideal Candidate?

Aside from having a license and the necessary hard skills (such as insurance policy knowledge, for example), you also need soft skills. No matter what types of claims you’re working with, you need specific skills to be successful.

Coincidentally, your customer service job prepared you significantly. Chances are, you already have the necessary skills. You might not know it, and you might have to hone some of them, but they are there!

Communication and Listening

Listening to people and communicating with them is a staple skill of both insurance adjusting and customer service. To solve a problem and find out what happened and how to make a settlement, you need to talk to witnesses, claimants, and all other parties who were potentially involved. You need to get them to open up and tell you everything, and for that, you need sharp communication skills.

Time Management and Organization

Time management is the top skill an insurance adjuster needs. You need to travel to the site, network, work, and actually live your life outside of work. So, you need to be highly organized and know all the latest tips and tricks.

You’re already familiar with this skill and its impact. You’re a customer service representative. You know how important it is to devote your attention to a client, but not waste more time than necessary on them.

Making Judgement Calls

As a claims adjuster, you need to have vast knowledge about insurance. However, that won’t mean anything unless you also have integrity and the ability to make good judgment calls.

Knowing how to apply the knowledge you have and staying impartial while doing so is vital. You want to please both sides and reach a resolution that’s a good fit for everyone. Sounds familiar, right? You already do that as a customer service representative!

2021 Training Is the Next Step

Soft skills are essential for success. Still, before you start making grand plans on starting your new career in an insurance company or independently, you need to go through educational pre-licensing courses. Here at 2021 Training, we offer the opportunity to take courses at any time, anywhere. Reach out today and start your new career path!


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