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Practical Adjuster Tips for the New CAT Adjuster

A career as a new catastrophe adjuster can be fun and rewarding, both professionally and financially.

While it seems like there are so many things a new adjuster needs to learn all at once, many have gone before you and succeeded.

You have your new license to be an adjuster and you’ve taken Xactimate training.  What is left other than get a job?  2021 Training will show you in detail what it takes to be a successful Catastrophe (CAT) adjuster.  Lets look at some practical adjuster tips that will make a difference.

First, you need to know how to get work.  Most CAT adjusters get their first jobs when they are deployed for a large storm such as a hurricane.  The amount of adjusters needed for a major storm can be daunting. Insurance companies are hiring people left and right to do the best they can in responding to the needs of the insureds. It’s your responsibility as the adjuster to be ready to hit the ground running.

2021 Training is an online training company that caters specifically to adjusters.  They offer many classes for CE credits as well as practical classes that every adjuster needs. One is called “Practical Adjusting,” and the name pretty much sums it up.  It’s the only class of its kind that can be taken online.

I’ve researched many companies and courses. I find the 2021Training Practical Adjusting course to be unique, and I’ll hit a few highlights about what they cover in this excellent class.

The first thing is to register yourself with several active CAT companies, letting them know that you are licensed, trained and available. But after you’ve gone through that, there are many other things you need to do.

You should become familiar with all the tools necessary to do your job and then acquire them.  You do not want to wait until you get a call of deployment to think about getting your tools together.  You can order a lot of them online which will save some money, but this is something you need to do ahead of time.

Ladders, shingle gauges, tool belts, and tape measures are all standard things that adjusters have.  You need to think about your transportation and how you’ll carry all of this when you’re working.  You can’t carry a 24 foot extension ladder in compact car.

Learn to use your tools before you go. If you’re going to invest in a laser measuring device, be familiar with it and know how to use it before you go.  You’ll want some type of GPS device.  Take it around with you for a month as you do your day to day driving and get to know it.

You’ll also need to be aware of how you’re going to manage being on location. Plan ahead. Are you going to stay in a camper?  If so, how will you find places to park it?  How will you get Internet connectivity (yes, you’ll definitely need that)?  Do you know how much money you’ll need for your living expenses before you get your first check?

2021 Training does a great job helping you consider all of these questions and more.  They review each one in detail and help you develop a plan for yourself.  They do a great job in giving you the information you need to hit the ground running.

Don’t be left with a new job and no clue how to do it.  Take the time up front to prepare. Not everything is easy, but with companies like 2021 Training providing quality training for insurance adjusters, it’s definitely a lot better than it used to be!

Bob Kramer has been an adjuster for several years, and shares from real property adjusting field experience. He writes for active and aspiring claims adjusters, sharing How-To information and stories from the field. His goal is to help adjusters become more effective and profitable.


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