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Florida All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course (6-20 / 70-20)

Elevate Your Career with a Florida Insurance Adjuster License!

Ready to take your career to new heights in the insurance industry? Look no further than our specialized Florida Insurance Adjuster License Course. Whether you’re stepping into a new role or advancing your current career, this course is your key to unlocking exciting opportunities.

Why Opt for Our Course:

  1. Tailored for Florida: Our course is crafted to teach Florida’s specific insurance regulations and practices. You’ll gain insights that are directly applicable to the insurance adjuster career.
  2. All-Inclusive Education: Our comprehensive curriculum leaves no gaps in your knowledge. From policies and protocols to expectations, we provide a thorough understanding of the insurance adjustment role and process.
  3. Flexible Learning: We recognize your busy schedule. That’s why we offer online learning. Learn on your own time without compromising the quality of instruction.  You will have four months to complete your course and can purchase extensions up to one year from initial registration if needed.
  4. Engagement at its Best: Dynamic teaching, knowledge quizzes, practice tests, study guide and course final. All education and testing is included in this course that is required for you to get your Florida Insurance Adjuster License (6-20 and 70-20) through our Professional In Claims (PIC) adjuster designation.
  5. Exam Mastery: We’re not just about learning; we’re about acing exams. Benefit from focused exam prep practice tests and study guide, ensuring you’re ready to pass the licensing exam with flying colors.
  6. Career Guidance: We go beyond certification. We will give you career guidance to start your career as an independent adjuster working not only in Florida, but all across the United States.  We will walk you through how to kickstart your journey as a Florida Insurance Adjuster.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Residents of Florida wanting to obtain their Florida 6-20 Resident Adjuster license to handle claims in Florida.
  • Residents of non-licensing states such as Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin wanting to obtain their Florida 70-20 Nonresident DHS Adjuster license to handle claims in Florida.

Enroll Now for a Flourishing Future:

The chance to thrive in a dynamic sector of the insurance industry awaits. With our Florida Insurance Adjuster License Course, you’ll emerge equipped with skills, expertise, and the confidence to excel.

Your pursuit of a licensed Florida Insurance Adjuster career begins today!


Florida Adjuster License

This course will give you the Florida approved Professional In Claims designation which will allow you to apply for the 6-20 Resident Adjuster license or 70-20 Nonresident Adjuster DHS license with no additional educational requirements.