Understanding Commercial Insurance & Coverages (7 CE Hrs)

This 7-hr CE class will discuss the different commercial policies such as CPP (Commercial Package Policy), BOP (Business Owner Policy), CGL (Commercial General Liability Policy) and CAP (Commercial Auto Policy).

Commercial insurance is monumentally important when it comes to protecting your organization from all sorts of risks. When someone files a claim against a company or organization, they’ll want to be properly protected and prepared to ensure that a business has a fair representation. In the event that a client or employee files any sort of claim, the right kind of commercial insurance can make a huge difference in the impact that claim can make. This course at 2021 Training will walk you through the finer points of what commercial insurance and coverage can mean to a corporate client. By the time you finish the 7 hours of this course, you will feel comfortable with handling commercial insurance in addition to fulfilling CE requirements.

The Importance Of Commercial Insurance And Coverages

Commercial insurance can cover many things from bodily injury to property damage to cyber attacks. Such an important element of corporate protection is crucial to a business’s ability to function. Commercial insurance and all the coverages that come with it include a wide range of situations that will ultimately make a huge impact in your future clients’ ability to run their businesses smoothly. Those situations can include:

  • General liability insurance that protects a company in the event of bodily harm or property damage that might happen on their property. 
  • Auto insurance specifically regarding company-owned vehicles
  • Property insurance that covers a business’s owned or rented property 
  • Business income insurance, which covers lost income if there is some situation that prevents a business from operating normally
  • Worker’s compensation insurance to provide benefits for any employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness
  • Business Owners’ Policy (BOP), which is a combination of commercial property, general liability, and business income coverage.

All these and more will be taught to you in 2021 Training’s “Understanding Commercial Insurance and Coverages” course. We’ll help equip you to understand exactly what it is that businesses need as you start your career as an insurance adjuster. 

Preparing You For Success

At 2021 Training, our goal is to prepare you for the future, and not simply fulfill the requirements set by the state of Texas. We believe that for you to be a truly effective insurance adjuster, you should feel confident in every aspect of the business. Don’t simply memorize details for a test or cross hours off your required courses: by using 2021 Training to prepare for your test, you’ll be receiving the ability to actually become an expert in your field.

Contact 2021 Training Today

Success starts in the finer details, and we want you to feel confident about handling any task that your experience as an insurance adjuster will bring. Contact 2021 Training for more information. If you haven’t signed up for our courses yet, what are you waiting for? We’ll connect you with the courses you need to become a licensed expert in the insurance world.


Additional Information

Texas CE Information

Texas CE Hours

Residents of these states can designate Texas as their designated home state as an independent adjuster.

  • Colorado
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States That Accept Texas as a Dedicate Home State

Residents of these states can use their Texas Adjuster License.

  • Policy Forms for Large Businesses
    • Coverages – Property, Liability, Auto and Crime 
  • Insurance Forms for Small Businesses
    • Businesses that qualify for a Business Owners Policy
    • Risks and coverages of a Business Owners Policy
  • Liability Forms for Businesses
    • Coverages available
  • Auto Coverage for Businesses
    • Coverages available

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