Are you ready for an exciting new career that gets you out of the cubicle? 2021 Training makes it easy to get your insurance adjuster license for Texas residents and those who live in states without their own adjuster licensing. Our Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course is 100% online, convenient, and taught by an instructor who has been in the field and has real-world wisdom to share.

How to Get Your Texas Insurance Adjuster License

  • Claim residency in Texas OR a state that does not provide licensing for insurance adjusters.
  • Take a state certified Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course.
  • Pass the final exam with a score of 70% or higher.
  • Get required fingerprints.
  • Submit your online application to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Important: You will be required to submit the following to the Texas Department of Insurance when applying for your insurance adjuster license:

  • Course completion certificate from class taken
  • $50 state-mandated application fee
  • Fingerprint receipt

Recommended Course

Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Online Course

This class meets the Texas Department of Insurance education and testing requirements for your adjuster license needs. Simply take this class and get your certificate of completion, then submit the state application along with fingerprints to get your Texas All-Lines Adjusters License. This online self-study course includes the Study Guide, Exam and Certificate. Sign up and log on to start now!

Note: This is not for a Public Adjusters License.

Texas Insurance Adjuster License – Details

Residency. To use a Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course to get your license, you must reside in Texas or in a state that does not offer licensing for insurance adjusters. There are many states that do not offer insurance adjuster licensing.  If you live in one of those states, you can get a Texas Insurance Adjuster License just like any other Texas resident by designating Texas as your home state and taking our Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Online course. Your license will be valid in Texas and in any state without their own licensing program.

Licensing. This course meets all the educational and testing requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance. You will take our online class and be required to pass the online test with a score of at least 70%. You can take the test more than once if needed. When you finish the course and pass the exam, you will receive a certificate of completion immediately in PDF form.

Fingerprints.  The fastest method for Texas residents is electronic fingerprinting through IdentoGo Centers by MorphoTrust USA. Simply make an appointment, go to one of their locations and get your fingerprints scanned. They will give you a receipt which you’ll submit with your state application.  If you are not a Texas resident, electronic fingerprinting is not an option (unless you want to travel to Texas). 

If you are not physically present in Texas, you must request a fingerprint card which you’ll receive in the mail. Take that card to a local law enforcement agency to get the fingerprints.  Then mail the card back to IdentoGo to be digitized. You’ll receive an emailed receipt that you can put with your application.

Online Application. This is the final step and the easiest. You must submit your application electronically.  You will need the following to submit your application: The course completion certificate, payment for the $50 state fee, and your fingerprint receipt from IdentoGo in PDF form.

Become a Texas-Licensed Insurance Adjuster Today!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.  Email us at or call 972-767-7699.  We are more than happy to speak with you about the process and make sure you know exactly what you need to do to get your Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License.

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