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Resume Tips to Get Your First Insurance Adjuster Job

After you finish your course with 2021 Training and get your insurance adjuster’s license you’ll be ready to enter the job market. This can be intimidating no matter your age or background, but it doesn’t have to be. Your resume is a tool for you to show employers what you have to offer. Here are some tips to streamline your resume and stand out to the hiring manager. 

Resume Summary

Start off with a short summary. Explain why you’re a good fit for the role, your experience, education, and skills. This is preferable to an objective because the company can see what you have to offer them. Meanwhile, listing specific goals could close you off to certain opportunities. 


Your experience is the first thing the hiring manager will look at. If you have a lot of experience choose the jobs that are most relevant to the job description. If you don’t have a lot of insurance adjusting experience that’s okay! Explain how the skills you learned in previous jobs prepared you for this job. Skills like communication, organization, and preparedness transfer well when switching careers. 

Training and Qualifications 

Let them know that you completed coursework with 2021 Training and that you are proficient in industry software. They will save time, money, and man-power if they don’t have to train you. 

Upon completion of our insurance adjuster training, all of your exam requirements will have been met. All that’s left to do is apply for your license. Once you’re approved make sure you list which license you hold so the company knows what claims you can handle for them.

Keep it Skimmable

Your resume should only be one page. If you go over that review it critically and ask yourself if all of the information is relevant. 

Most recruiters scan your resume in under 8 seconds so make sure the information is easy to read. You should compose short sentences using clear and concise language. You need to stand out in a few seconds to warrant a second glance. 


Make sure you proofread before submitting your resume. Small mistakes can result in your application being thrown out. It’s important to submit error-free claims and show strong written communication skills on the job. This is the first indicator of your ability to perform well. 

Formatting is also very important. Use a professional font like Times New Roman. The Papyrus font should never make an appearance on your resume. Also, make sure all of the text is aligned correctly and there aren’t any weird gaps. 

An emerging trend is to include your headshot on your resume. Don’t do this. Your face isn’t important in this step of the hiring process. You will have the opportunity to show that you have a professional appearance during an interview. Your resume should just be about your skills and experience. 


References don’t need to be included in your resume. However, you can list industry professionals if you still have space to fill. Most times it’s best to omit it and tell the hiring manager that you have references available if they want them. 

2021 Training

We make it easy to get started on a new career path! Visit our website to learn more about the affordable online training we offer. All of our courses are taught by professionals and fulfill the state-approved exam requirement you need to apply for your license. Our insurance adjustor’s courses will prepare you for success.


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