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Take the next step and get the licensing and training to prepare for a new career. Purchase the course that fits your needs and be on the roster for the next big storm.  Start your new career in a field that isn’t affected by the economy. Yes, it’s that simple. See you in the classroom. 

Top-rated online school for becoming AN Insurance Adjuster


Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course

This course allows you to adjust all claims, including workers’ compensation claims. This one contains everything you need to get licensed in Texas.  Includes our state-approved exam.

Texas all-lines aduster pre-licensing course


Smart Start Package

The 3-course Smart Start Package includes:

  • Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing
  • Xactimate training
  • Practical Adjusting

It’s a popular choice for a smart start down your new career path! 


Smart Start + Package

The 4-course Smart Start + Package is our best value and includes:

  • Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing
  • Xactimate training
  • Practical Adjusting
  • Basics of Construction

If you have no prior construction background, this package is essential for your success as an adjuster.

Texas all-lines aduster pre-licensing course

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If you live in a state that doesn’t license insurance adjusters, you can practice with a Texas Designated Home State License.


You can start now.

This course satisfies all testing requirements for the Texas Department of Insurance for the Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License.  

At the completion of this course, you receive a certificate that is sent in with the application to the state showing that you have met the testing requirements.

This class is online and available to you at any time. No travel costs.

Online classes are growing in popularity now because of the incredible cost savings. Our classes are unique from other online classes because they create a live class experience online.

No other online class in the industry compares to the quality of training you get here.

Besides, you can save hundreds compared to the cost of live classes. That’s an estimated savings of over $900.00! With the money you’ll save, you can get additional training that will fast track you to becoming a successful adjuster.

Save even more! Check out the cost savings with the Texas Smart Start Package.


Texas has the most popular licenses that an adjuster holds.

Whether you live in Texas or live in a state that has no licensing for adjusters, this class will allow you to get your resident or “designated home state” license in Texas. Once you have your license, you may get most other state licenses through reciprocity. This means that you’ll be able to submit license applications without going through additional classes or testing.

Other popular courses:

All of our courses are online and available 24/7. New adjusters consider the Practical Adjusting class and Xactimate training as “Must Have” courses to maximize their skills and earning potential. After they complete the Pre-Licensing course and submit their certificate for their state license, they begin the Practical course and Xactimate training to be fully prepared prior to their first deployment. Properly prepared adjusters are the ones who have a positive first experience and get called back for future deployments.

Texas Insurance Adjuster Licensing Questions Answered: