Signs you Should be Working for Yourself as an Independent Adjuster

Deciding to work for yourself can be a scary prospect. Perhaps you’ve spent years just operating as another cog in the machine. Now, it’s not rewarding, but it does pay the bills. Still, working for someone else, meeting their standards instead of your own, and feeling stagnant in life is enough to wear anyone down. If you’re here, it means you’re considering taking the leap and embarking on a career that accommodates your independent streak. Well, maybe we can validate these feelings. After all, many people decide to switch careers and enjoy long and fulfilling careers as independent insurance adjusters. Keep reading to see if this career path and self-employment might be the right choice for you. 

You’re efficient 

When you’re a particularly motivated individual, it can be infuriating having to wait around on an inefficient team or boss. If are a hard worker and known for being efficient that’s one sign you have the hustle it takes to lead a business. The fact that you even got the job means you had to first beat out other candidates. You have various skills and talents that are an asset to the company you work for. They would also be an asset to your business. If you’re capable of completing work quickly and well without any guidance you’re already on track to become an insurance adjuster. 

You’re independent

Independence is important for independent insurance adjusters. You know it’s true because it’s right there in the title. This doesn’t mean you should be an ogre that can’t work well with others. It’s just helpful if you have the self-discipline to finish what you start and you work well on self-guided tasks. 

You’re not built for a 9 to 5

Some people just aren’t built for a 9 to 5. Sitting in an aisle of boring grey cubicles, dealing with dry eyes and back pain from slumping in your office chair gazing at your computer for hours at a time. A bit of freedom improves your work ethic and productivity. As an insurance adjuster, you’ll be outdoors, meeting new people, get some fresh area, and maybe even experience some exciting weather events if you pursue CAT adjusting. 

You have a side hustle

A lot of people see their side hustle as a silly little hobby. It’s time to stop thinking that way though. If you’ve been managing a side hustle while working a full-time job, that shows you work hard and have dedication. It also shows you have the business smarts to manage yourself, work with others, and provide a quality service. 

You sacrifice

Are you the person in the office who is always working late, that everyone can rely on, and goes above and beyond to help out your colleagues? That’s just one more sign you would make an excellent independent insurance adjuster. When you work for yourself, those are important characteristics to ensure your success. Sacrifice is essentially just your dedication and willingness to work hard and succeed. This will help you bounce back from any potential setback you may experience. 

You’re a risk-taker

When it comes down to it, you need to be a risk-taker. Not just to leave behind your day job, but to pursue insurance adjusting. This job may take you around the United States, traveling into disaster areas, and places the job of finding work on your shoulders. It’s possible, and many people make big bucks doing it. Still, you need to have trust in yourself to make the change. 

2021 Training

When you’re ready to take hold of your future and work for yourself give us a call. We offer pre-licensing and certification maintenance courses to help you stay in control of your life and career. Our courses are completely online and led by industry experts to set you up for success. Then, we’re confident that you can take care of the rest–especially if you ticked off all of the items on our list. Ready to go? Sign up for one of our insurance adjusting courses today!