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New Jersey

New Jersey Insurance Adjuster Licensing

New Jersey does not license insurance adjusters. For New Jersey residents wanting to become a licensed independent adjuster, a nonresident Designated Home State (DHS) License can be obtained from Texas or Florida. We have the courses you need to fulfill your licensing requirements.

Since New Jersey does not license insurance adjusters, residents of New Jersey who wish to work as independent adjusters typically obtain a nonresident Designated Home State (DHS) License from another state, such as Texas, that offers reciprocal licensing.

Overview Of The DHS Licensing Process

  1. Designated Home State (DHS) License: For residents of states like New Jersey that do not license adjusters, many choose to designate another state as their DHS for licensure purposes. Texas and Florida are both popular choices due to their comprehensive licensing systems and the fact that they have reciprocity with many states.
  2. Licensing Requirements in Texas: To obtain a DHS license from Texas, New Jersey residents must meet the Texas licensing requirements. This typically includes completing pre-licensing education courses, passing a licensing examination, and fulfilling any other state-specific requirements.
  3. Reciprocity: Once you obtain a DHS license from a state like Texas, you can apply for reciprocal licenses in other states that recognize the DHS license. This is particularly important for adjusters who plan to work in multiple states.
  4. Continuing Education: Maintaining a DHS license usually involves completing a certain amount of continuing education (CE) hours within a specified period. This ensures that adjusters stay informed about the latest industry practices and regulatory changes.
  5. Application Process and Fees: The application process for a DHS license typically involves submitting an application to the licensing state (e.g., Texas), paying the required fees, and providing proof of completed education and exam scores.
  6. Ethical and Professional Standards: Even as a nonresident licensee, adjusters are expected to adhere to the professional and ethical standards set by the licensing state.

For New Jersey residents, it’s crucial to carefully research and understand the requirements of the state from which they are seeking a DHS license. Additionally, staying updated with any changes in licensure laws or requirements in the DHS is important for maintaining valid licensure and operating legally as an insurance adjuster.

Applicable Training Courses

The Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course will prepare you to become licensed in Texas and all the states that offer reciprocity. Click here to learn more and register for this course.


Q. What Should I Do To Become a New Jersey Insurance Adjuster?

A. Get a Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjusters License  with Texas as your “Designated Home State”. Since there is no such thing as a New Jersey Insurance Adjuster License, you should get a license in a state such as Texas that allows you to get a “Designated Home State” license if you are from a state that offers no licensing.

Q. How do I become licensed in the state of Texas?

A. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Complete the Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Class
  • Get fingerprints to submit with your application.
  • Complete the Texas application choosing Texas as your “Designated Home State”.
  • Submit the application to state with:

Q. How do I contact the Missouri Department of Insurance?

A. Their contact info is as follows:

Being a Licensed Insurance Adjuster in New Jersey

According to the statistics at, “The average salary for a Claims Adjuster is $58,337per year in New Jersey, which is 10% above the national average.” Salaries reported in the past 36 months range from $21,000 to $113,000 per year. Salaries increase with experience, multi-state licensing, and the ability to travel and work deployments across the country.

2021 Training: Your Texas and New Jersey Licensing Source

2021 Training teaches you everything you need to know about insurance adjusting, from ethics and caseload management to Xactimate software – at home, in your spare time. Call us today to learn more about the Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License and adjusting claims in Texas, New Jersey, and all across the USA!


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