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Tennessee Insurance Adjuster Licensing

Tennessee does not license insurance adjusters. For Tennessee residents wanting to become a licensed independent adjuster, a nonresident Designated Home State (DHS) License can be obtained from Texas. We have the courses you need to fulfill your licensing requirements.

Applicable Training Courses

The Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course will prepare you to become licensed in Texas and all the states that offer reciprocity. Click here to learn more and register for this course.


Q. What Should I Do To Become a Tennessee Insurance Adjuster?

A. Get a Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjusters License  with Texas as your “Designated Home State”. Since there is no such thing as an Ohio Insurance Adjuster License, you should get a license in a state such as Texas that allows you to get a “Designated Home State” license if you are from a state that offers no licensing.

Q. How do I become licensed in the state of Texas?

A. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Complete the Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Class
  • Get fingerprints to submit with your application.
  • Complete the Texas application choosing Texas as your “Designated Home State”.
  • Submit the application to state with:

Q. How do I contact the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance?

A. Their contact info is as follows:

Being a Licensed Insurance Adjuster in Tennessee

You can expect to earn a decent income as an insurance adjuster in Tennessee. Reported salaries range from $38,000 to $64,000 annually. Of course, the level of compensation increases with experience and seniority. Trainees tend toward the lower end of the pay scale, and advanced positions earn the highest incomes. If you work as an independent adjuster with full control over your caseload, you can find a good work-life balance over time.

2021 Training: We Prepare You for Real Life

We founded 2021 Training to fill a very real need: quality online education that prepares students not just for their licensing exam, but also for real life in the field. We teach you everything you need to know, from ethics to Xactimate – at home, on your own time. Call us today to learn more about the Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License and adjusting claims in Texas, Tennessee, and beyond!


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