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Storm Specific Orientations for CAT Adjusters: Know What to Expect

Before you are given your list of claim files during your initial deployment for a storm, most adjuster firms will spend some time going through an orientation for the specifics of the weather event to prepare their troops for their upcoming workload while discussing any potential situations they may need to address. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX, my team of experienced claims adjusting trainers and I have spent years working with many individuals to give them the knowledge and resources they need to be successful out in the field as an independent claims adjuster.

For someone who is just getting started in their career as an independent claims adjuster, it is a good idea to learn a little more about these orientations ahead of time to understand how they should be approached in the broader scope of your adjustment and preparation experience. A common question we’ve been asked over the years is how many gaps are filled in by orientation?

First of all, it needs to be emphasized that orientation should not be seen as a viable alternative for good adjuster training. You are expected to arrive at a location armed with enough knowledge and training to read and interpret insurance policies, conduct damage assessments, and write estimates in Xactimate, IntegrClaim, or the appropriate software. If you are struggling to perform in one of these areas, your learning curve is going to be very steep. Most claims adjusters fail to succeed due to inadequate preparation. This is especially true when it comes to using Xactimate or an equivalent program.

The important information a storm orientation should provide you with is the expected protocols for processing claims for a particular storm. This process really can change for every storm you are deployed for. This change may not be dramatic, but when it comes to the file review process, it is important to always be as precise as possible. The questions you need to think about when attending an orientation should be focused on the specific policies for handling claims, while you should avoid asking broader questions or searching for basic term definitions that would have been providing during your own knowledge and training courses.

It is important to have a solid grasp of general principles ahead of time, but you will always have to wait until storm orientation to find out the specific details of these principles when it comes to a specific deployment. In the end, there will be a degree of uncertainty for each new deployment that needs to be clarified on site. You will make mistakes, but the goal is not to make the same mistake twice.

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If you’re thinking about changing careers, then there’s never been a better time than now to look into the possibilities that are out there as an independent claims adjuster. With high earning potential and a low barrier for entry, choosing to make the switch to this exciting industry can be a great way to take control of your finances, break free of the 9 to 5 routine, and work towards incredible success and freedom for you and your family.

As a team of experienced industry professionals that have been working with individuals for years to give them the knowledge and resources they need to succeed as independent claims adjusters, we understand just how important it can be to feel as prepared as possible before heading out on initial deployment. Instead of struggling to make sense of the industry and researching all the important information alone, don’t hesitate to check out our educational courses and training systems to see why working with us is the best way to realize sustainable success in the future.


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