Storms, Storms and MORE Storms

Texas Storms

So 2015 started out with unprecedented storms in the Boston area. Although the claims didn’t come in all at once, the volume continued to surprise CAT companies. Many adjusters got the early wake-up call to go to the northeast for 2015 at a time when most are used to enjoying a little bit of down time.

But work is always welcome. The storms were a change from the usual. Then we had hail season biting at the heals of that deployment. Storms have started a bit slow, but then picked up an incredible pace the last couple of weeks. Insurance adjusters have been receiving call after call for availability and deployment as these widespread storms have been raking across the southern regions.

Texas has definitely been a hot spot for storm activity. A week and a half ago was the first big hit that left hail damage in the Houston and Austin areas. Then last night significant storms were bearing down on the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Most of it hit south of the metroplex and hit cities such as Waxahachie, TX. The main story here was rain and lots of it. Here are the rainfall totals from last night.

Texas Rainfall Map

Check out the news report from Fox 4 News.

And from the Weather Channel.

Hail was reported in some smaller communities south and east of Dallas-Ft. Worth. The season is upon us in full stride.

TWIA/TFPA has seen an increase in activity with claims as we see the rush of insurance adjusters getting their TWIA/TFPA Adjuster certifications. Don’t be left out; make sure your TWIA/TFPA Adjuster certification is current as more and more adjusters are getting called out to work for them.

If 2015 is the year of the next major hurricane, it could be a record year for insurance adjusters.