Technology Essentials for New Adjusters

Technology is changing our lives daily and how we perform our daily activities. It is time for the claims industry to be revitalized with modern technology that is easy to use. Here are some technology resolutions that help improve how insurance adjusters manage the claims process and enhance customer experience.

Claims Process

The claims processing experience is the most important element of an insurance adjuster’s routine business. This experience determines how well customers perceive the efforts of their adjuster or an insurance carrier and whether or not they will remain loyal customers in the future. Insurance adjusters must use the right claims processing system that facilitates settlements in a timely fashion. Having a claims processing system that can barely compete in a snail race could harm customer satisfaction and the overall brand reputation. Therefore, ensuring an efficient and reliable claims processing performance is essential. Having a high speed laptop with wireless capabilities is a must.

Mobile Applications

A multitude of mobile apps exist to help insurance adjusters expedite claims. Some perform data lookup and even measurements of the room. Other mobile apps improve how customers communicate their problem to insurance adjusters. Many apps have been developed to capture the pictures, automatically uploading them into the claims management system. There are a lot more innovative solutions entering the market. For instance, there are applications that allow adjusters to perform remote damage assessment to gauge the size and scope of the damage. Mobile, real-time visual streaming technology is beneficial during the early stages of the claims process for adjusters. They are able to gain a better understanding of the extent of the damage before travelling to their customer’s property. Thus, the customer experience is enhanced through these types of apps by increasing response time exponentially and adequately preparing the claims evaluation.

Digital Documentation Process

Using electronic documents, insurance adjusters can easily manage the documentation process from the initial notice of loss through the claims adjustment process to settlement without being consumed with unnecessary paper trails and missing claims documents. Electronic documents make it easy to collect, store, share, and even sign required documentation, reducing postal mail and signature turnaround time from 3-5 days to 4-8 hours. Thanks to this technology, adjusters can instantly transform their manual processes into uniform electronic claims procedures that allow them to sufficiently monitor, measure, and record every aspect of the claims process.

These solutions are key components to ensure quality customer experience, and also reduce the operational costs associated with claim handling. In areas that are often impacted by major weather events, these technologies are important to the overall operation of the organization. Investing in these technologies help to ensure the streamlining of the claims resolution process.

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