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I would like to start off by saying that this is by far the most informative and enjoyable online course I’ve ever taken and rivals most hands-on classroom settings I’ve been in. The idea that I can stop your instructor mid-sentence with the click of my mouse to jot down some notes or grab a snack is obviously impossible in a classroom setting (and frowned upon, I’m sure). The fact that the instructor sounds unrehearsed, though, does not at all diminish the quality of the lesson, in fact, it really gives it an authentic classroom/instructor feel.

You are two things: A) a calming person and B) trustworthy and a novice students support who is all-stressed out and still be 2 states away, yet you make us feel like we are in the room together. You’re a Pro with pride in everything you do!

Cherie assisted me with the questions I had about a course I was planning to take. She answered every single question almost immediately and was very kind and patient with me. She even went out of her way to provide additional information I didn’t even ask about, but she knew would be helpful to me. She is absolutely an asset to the business. Thank you so much, Cherie, for helping me with this process.

I was hired on to work claims from Harvey in Houston last summer as an emergency adjuster for a CAT company. Despite the high-pressure situation, the company still wanted the new guys to get the certifications for certain Texas carriers that required them. I was referred to 2021 Training for help with that process and am now happy for the chance to refer them to others. Their test prep program was more than fast, effective, and affordable; it included the personal attention of the managers, Dave and Cherie, who consistently demonstrated a true interest in my success with not only those original certifications, but then with my Texas license, and then again, just recently in my career path when Dave shared some well thought out advice with me on the phone. Unlike the case with many businesses today, I have been able to pick up the phone, call 2021 Training and actually speak to someone who knows what’s going on and how best to help me or find someone who can, pronto. The first day I called to get info on the programs, Cherie answered my questions for well over 30 minutes and never once sounded like I was wearing her out. They also have an internal messaging system that I used to ask a few questions while studying for the TDI license and I swear I sent one in at 2am and that was answered before the sun came up the next morning. This is called an “online course,” but I’ll bet most people who sign up would say, as I will, that although we’re connected by wires and wifi, it really feels more like we’re under the same roof. After doing the pre-course reading for the TDI, not too much, you get a cup of coffee, fire up the computer, then follow Dave along for a week or two through the narratives, bullet points, pics and his personal job-related stories which bring all the info to life and next thing you know…done. If during that time you had a suggestion on how they might have explained something better to you, believe it or not, they actually encourage you to share those thoughts with them, thus making every effort to improve an already terrific service. Oliver Cromwell said, “He who stops being better, stops being good.” I can tell Dave and Cherie would agree with him. Dang they work hard. Please accept a very high recommendation from me for 2021 Training for your certs and licensing requirements.

This is the first year I have taken CE courses online.  I chose to use  Useful information and interesting topics is what I found while attending these online courses.  The classes were easy to follow while the information portrayed was extremely helpful.  I feel that these courses have increased my policy knowledge and awareness while improving my adjusting skills.  I would highly recommend for anyone that is in need of CE courses or just wants to refresh their knowledge on policy information and proper claims adjusting.

Over the years, I’ve taken over 300 hours of CEUs and license preparation courses both in classrooms and online. The Texas Adjuster Pre-Licensing course provided by 2021 Training is by far the very best. The instructor was very clear in his verbal delivery of the material. The examples he used provided clarity useful for understanding. I have already recommended this course and 2021 Training to others and will continue to do so. 

The course is great.  Having the option to pause and go back is extremely beneficial.  Dave is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable.  You can tell he is passionate about what he is teaching.

It’s amazing what a wonderful person you are; your kindness and spending your precious time answering my questions. We will be hiring more insurance adjusters and we will be using your service for many more years. I will make sure everyone knows about your online courses but more importantly, the kind, caring person you are.

Thank you for the best class ever! Perfect tempo, knowledge, and I loved the narrator.

I would like to congratulate you on putting together a first-class course.  It was informative without being dull.  In fact, I looked forward to sitting down and viewing the chapters.