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Texas CE Courses

Continuing Education Courses for Texas Insurance Adjusters

After you complete 2021 Training’s Texas All-Lines or P&C Adjuster pre-licensing course, you’ll have everything you need to begin a lucrative and rewarding career assessing insurance claims. Once two years have passed and you have some experience under your belt, we’d love to welcome you back to complete your state-mandated continuing education (CE) courses with us. 

2021 Training is proud to offer Texas CE courses that you can complete on your own schedule, at affordable prices. Our continuing education courses for insurance adjusters satisfy every TDI license renewal requirement.

Texas CE Requirements for Licensed Adjusters

The Texas Department of Insurance requires Texas insurance adjusters to take 24 hours of continuing education classes every two years. Three of those hours must be ethics hours. This ensures that Texas All-Lines and P&C insurance adjusters continue to develop their professional skills and stay current with industry standards. 

2021 Training offers some “self-study or non-classroom equivalent” CE courses such as Xactimate and our 1-hour ethics course. These two insurance adjuster courses can be completed online, and are currently the only courses that have a final exam at the end to satisfy the state’s requirements. 

Most all of our other CE classes generate quizzes every 15 minutes and do not require a final

2021 Training offers affordable continuing education classes online. Cost may vary between courses depending on how many credit hours they account for, but all are priced competitively within fair market prices. You are also free to repeat courses you have already taken each renewal period if that’s your preference. 

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Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education FAQ

How many CE credits do you need for the Texas adjuster license?

Resident insurance adjusters must complete 24 hours worth of CE classes every two years and three credits must go towards ethics. 12 credit hours need to be completed in a classroom or with a classroom equivalent course. 

For individuals who are residents of another state, you must comply with your state’s CE requirements and are exempt from Texas’. However, if you are from a non-licensing state and designate Texas as your home state, you will need to abide by Texas’ CE requirements. 

Who is exempt from taking CE classes in Texas?

Insurance adjusters that have been licensed in Texas for 20+ years, those who are suffering from an illness or extenuating circumstances that prevent them from completing a CE course, and servicemen and women on active duty can apply for a continuing education exemption or extension. 

For more information about qualification guidelines, submissions, and to download the application, click here

What happens if I don’t renew my license in time?

The state of Texas will fine you $50 for every hour of CE classes you complete late with a maximum fine of $500 per license. Unfortunately, you won’t be allowed to renew your Texas-All Lines license until you complete all of your classes and pay off any fines. (There is no maximum fine on licenses that expired before June 1, 2018.) 

2021 Training: Continuing Education Courses for Insurance Adjusters

2021 Training’s continuing education (CE) courses are perfect for busy insurance adjusters. Our classes are 100% online, self-paced, are led by industry experts and most of our classes meet TDI’s requirements for a classroom equivalent CE course. 

When you’re ready to get started, sign up for one of our easy and affordable CE courses. When you are finished, we report your completion to the state within two business days.

If you have any questions before you sign up for one of our CE classes, visit our contact page and reach out to us using whichever communication channel works best for you!

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