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Texas Flooding Likely This Week

Texas Flooding

Texas now braces for the storm that has no name.  It’s not a storm or even a depression at this point, but it has Texas talking.  We are watching the development of a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico currenly known as Invest 91L.  The national weather service is giving it an 80% chance of developing into a depression in the gulf.  So why is this news?

Texas is slowly drying out and recovering from the immense rain from a month ago going from statewide drought conditions to flooding in a matter of 10 days.  After a week of sunshine, this depression is of concern.  Rainfall ranging from a few inches to 12 inches is expected to cover the path of this storm from Houston to Dallas.

Houston seems to be the largest area of concern with the current models, but the experts are still trying to understand where this is headed.  All agree, though, that the concern is mainly flooding.  It will make no material difference if this storm is classified as a depression or tropical storm.   The real threat here is the volume of rain that it will carry.  Several CAT companies have begun to reach out to insurance adjusters ahead of this storm in preparation for the damage expected.  This storm does carry the potential to produce widespread damage based on what the models are showing.

I encourage you to get your TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) certification as an adjuster if you haven’t done so yet.  It is a simple 4-hour online course that you can take immediately.  No need to travel and look for a live class.  Click the following link to start now – >>  TWIA Adjuster Certification.


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