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Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes

As a provider for the Texas Department of Insurance that offers Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes, you begin to understand a lot about how things are set up in the training of insurance adjusters.  Much of what you learn is good but some things are a bit unnerving.  TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) publishes a very specific set of requirements that every provider of Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes must offer if they are to be used for obtaining an insurance adjuster license.  They give you an outline of the required contents for the course.  This is the good part.

So as a provider, you must cover all the subjects listed within a 40hr time frame.  They allow us as providers to have 30 hours of classroom instruction in addition to the 10 hours of self-study if we choose to get the total 40 hour criteria.  So every live class and online class I’ve seen adopt the 30 hour classroom and 10-hour self-study method.  So, we have standards.

To register online Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes, you must show them your content and give them access to the online course for their review.  The great part about online classes are that they are actually able to review the content for quality and compliance.  To register a live Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes, you simply fill out some forms and tell them that you will cover the topics they mandate.

So here is the messy part.  Any of you could fill out a few forms and become a provider.  You could also come up with a test to submit to the state and tell them you will cover the topics as instructed.  The truth is that TDI has no way to police and know if you are actually doing what you say.  There is no requirement that you have experience or background in insurance adjusting or training.

So what does this mean to you?  You have to be very careful in who you pick as a provider for your Texas All-Lines Adjuster License.  Do a little homework.  I’ve heard some horror stories of some shoddy training when they signed up for Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes.  I’ve even sat in some of them myself.  The sad truth is they will still get you your license, but when it comes time for you to adjust, you will not know what you are doing.

If this really is a career choice for you, don’t treat it as a hobby.  Treat it as a business.  2021 Training came in to existence because there was a huge void of quality online insurance adjuster training for people to use.  There was online training in crude form, but none to the level that we were able to produce.

Bottom line is it matters where you take your Texas Insurance Adjuster Classes.  Choose a standout company such as 2021 Training.  We know we aren’t the only quality provider in Texas, but we are head and shoulders above the masses.  Take time to talk to us and learn what it takes to begin a career as an insurance adjuster.  We will help answer all your questions and give you the confidence to step out and adjust your first claim.


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