Why It’s Good To Be A Texas Insurance Adjuster

Many people have never heard of CAT adjusting.
CAT is the short version of catastrophe.  A CAT adjuster is one who goes out after storms such as Hurricane Sandy and adjusts claims for companies whose insureds have experienced property damage.  In the industry, this is also referred to as an independent adjuster.

Independent adjusters can make as much as $250,000 per year by working throughout  the year. There are large and small events such as hurricanes and hail storms that happen year round.  Experienced adjusters usually work as much, or as little, as they want.  Adjusters can also earn significant income for shorter periods of work.  Interested? To accomplish this, you need to become experienced and get on the top of the rosters.

Texas seems to be a central location for a lot of activity centered around CAT adjusters. There are many CAT companies that have headquarters or a presence in Texas. You can live anywhere and still have a Texas license. Because Texas is considered a reciprocal license state, you may be able to get licensed more easily in other states where you live or will be working once you have your Texas license.

How to become a claims adjuster in Texas:
It’s actually incredibly simple but does take a little effort. Check out and take the 2021Training.com Texas Pre-Licensing class. It’s online so you can take it any time of day or night. It’s a 30 hour class as mandated by the state and has a small amount of homework. Best of all you don’t have to travel to Dallas or Houston to do it. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Completing this course will get you your Texas Insurance Adjuster License. The license you receive is called an All-Lines License. You will be required to take CE classes (continuing education classes) every two years, but that’s not a big deal once you’ve started.

After you finish the course, you will obtain a completion certificate.  Submit the certificate along with fingerprints and your application to the state. The state will then process your application and send you your license.

Next Step
To be properly prepared for your actual field work, the next step is Xactimate training. This is the software all adjusters need to know to do their job. This is how adjusters write claims. 2021Training has this covered in an online class also. Just sign up and learn. Other courses require you to be present at a set date and time for online webinars or live classes in Dallas or Houston, which is more restrictive and expensive.

The final step is learning HOW to be a CAT adjuster.
You have a license and you know the software, but you need to know how to practically do your job. What tools will you need? Do you know how to scope a loss, how to deal with insureds, or how to get on the rosters of CAT companies?  2021Training has the only Practical Adjusting online class that I’ve seen. At $99, this class is an incredible bargain. It will pay for itself over and over again.

2021Training has a Smart Start Pack that will give you a discount for purchasing all 3 classes together.

Texas is a great place to get your license and to have as a home base. The majority of all hurricanes hit the gulf coast. You have easy access to all of Texas and Louisiana. Hail storms hit the Midwest. Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas have many hail events and tornadoes.   There are many opportunities for independent adjusters. Get your Texas license and join an exciting career today!

Bob Kramer has been an adjuster for several years, and shares from real property adjusting field experience. He writes for active and aspiring claims adjusters, sharing How-To information and stories from the field. His goal is to help adjusters become more effective and profitable.