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Texas Insurance Adjuster License

How to Get Your Texas Insurance Adjuster License


The Texas Insurance Adjusters license is one of the most popular adjuster licenses.  Texas and Florida statistically have more storm activity than other Gulf coast states, where most of the hurricane activity occurs.

If you live in Texas, get a Texas All-Lines Adjusters License as your primary license. If you live outside of Texas, you must get your primary license in your home state, unless it doesn’t require licensing such as Colorado or Nebraska and several other states. Then we recommend you should get a Texas All-Lines Adjusters License as your “designated home state” license.

However, this is only available to those who live in states with no licensing process. This is a change from the past where anyone could get a Texas license as their primary license.

Once you decide to become an insurance adjuster, the process is really very simple. First take an approved Pre-Licensing Class.

2021Training has made it as easy as possible for you. Our classes are 100% online. You don’t have to wait for classes to start and you don’t have to travel anywhere. Once you register for our course, you get log in information to the website and can take your course as you have time.

You may want to take it all in a few days, or spread it over time as you can fit it in. This makes things easy for you who currently have other jobs and commitments. We do recommend going through it as quickly as you can manage so it stays fresh in your mind.

After you complete your Pre-Licensing Course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This is what you will send in with your application to show the Texas Department of Insurance that you have passed our course. But before you send in your application, you must get your electronic fingerprints. The instructions are on the application of how to get your fingerprints. There\’s a provider website to pick a location and make an appointment. Simply go in and get your fingerprints scanned into their system and get a receipt. This receipt will be sent in with your Insurance Adjuster Application. Send it in with the following in your envelope:

  1. Application
  2. Pre-Licensing Class Course Completion Certificate
  3. Receipt from Fingerprints
  4. Check written to Texas Department of Insurance for application fee

Check out the video of how to fill out the application How to fill out your insurance adjuster application.

Get started with your Texas Adjusters License now before the next big storm.


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