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Texas Insurance Adjusters Should Be on the Lookout for These Natural Disasters in 2021

Insurance adjusters and insurance companies have their hands full while dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters. Since there are many insurance policies covering damage from severe weather events and catastrophes, insurance companies need to send claims adjusters to determine the type of damage, losses, and so on. Summer 2021 promises to be a busy season for Texas Insurance Adjusters. This is what you can expect this season for insurance claims. 


One of the most common weather problems in the U.S. is hailstorms. This is especially an issue in Texas and Oklahoma, and many people face property damage from harsh weather. In the first half of 2021, insurers have already paid billions due to hailstorms, and the trend will most likely continue in the coming months.

Extreme weather can cause water damage, burst pipes, destroy commercial and residential property, and more. Even if we focus only on Texas, the hail in April caused $1-billion worth of damage in San Antonio and Fort Worth. Unfortunately, other cities were also affected, increasing the total loss.


Hailstorms are just the tip of the iceberg. There are several ways thunderstorms can cause property damage. High winds can rip the shingles off of people’s roofs, or small objects may be picked up and thrown into property. If there is a lot of rain, it might cause flooding and water damage. Lightning strikes can cause fires and may even damage farmer’s crops and livestock.

Lightning damage usually happens when lightning strikes a home. Electricity can easily travel through wiring, causing damage to electrical appliances. Furthermore, heavy rainfall can come on quickly, causing flash floods. Flash floods often damage homes and vehicles.

Needless to say, floods can cause serious property damage, tear trees out, and even destroy building infrastructure. 


In some cases, thunderstorms can lead to tornadoes. As we all know, tornadoes are at the top of the list of destructive forces, and they can cause serious damage to buildings and houses. Each year, an average of 130 tornadoes hit Texas. This state is the most affected by tornadoes in the entire country. Once Texas had 67 tornadoes in one day!

This is why CAT adjuster and insurance adjuster training includes tornado claim training. The experts at 2021 Training teach new adjusters to process these claims and handle working in disaster areas. Needless to say, homeowners insurance is necessary, and Texas insurance adjusters are essential to helping homeowners repair their homes after a storm.


Wildfires can be a big concern for citizens of the Lone Star State. They pose a danger to farms and ranches, and they tend to destroy everything on their way. Since 2005, Texas has seen over 150,000 wildfires, causing property damage on more than nine million acres.

While predicting when the wildfire will occur is nearly impossible, there are two “seasons” when they usually happen. The first one is the winter/spring season, and it is caused by dried trees and grass. The second one is the late summer (or early fall) when the dry and hot weather takes its toll.

2021 Training

CAT adjusting is an exciting career path, and 2021 Training can help prepare you for it. We offer licensing courses, continuing education, and practical adjusting training to ensure you are ready for whatever weather Mother Nature throws out you. With help from our educators, you’ll be able to process claims and make a highly profitable career.

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