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Texas Insurance CE Credits

About Texas Law and CE Requirements

The Texas Department of Insurance dictates that all adjusters renew their license every two years. With various options available for meeting the State of Texas Continuing Education requirements for license renewal, confusion can result. Let’s clarify those options so you can make a wise choice as you prepare for your license renewal.  Online classes continue to be the easiest way to get your Texas CE Requirements.

To renew your license you have to meet the following requirements:

 24 hours of CE classes which must include

  • 2 hours of “Ethics”
  • 12 hours of Classroom or “Classroom Equivalent” hours

Although many people wait until the last minute to get their CE credits, you can save time and stress by scheduling your courses throughout the two years.

Classroom, Classroom Equivalent, and Self Study Options

Classroom is pretty self explanatory. This is you sitting in a room in front of a live instructor.

Classroom Equivalent: the course has been submitted to Texas Department of Insurance for approval. TDI has specific rules that dictate if a course can be classroom equivalent or not. Classroom Equivalent courses quiz you every 15 minutes over the content just taught, and there is no final exam.  This applies only to online and self study CE credits.

Self study is the third type of CE classes offered. The self study courses don’t have quizzes, but you must pass a final exam at the end of the course.  This applies to online and self study CE credits.

For the student, the Classroom Equivalent is easier, but for the provider, the self study is easier to create.

Therefore, many providers choose to classify their CE classes as Self Study.  2021Training has chosen to create and submit most of their courses for approval as Classroom Equivalent.

ALL 2021Training online CE courses are approved by the State of Texas for Adusters and Agents for ANY Texas Insurance license type, including

All-Lines Adjuster
Property & Casualty Adjuster
Public Adjuster
General Lines Agent
Personal Lines Property & Casualty Agent
Life Agent
Managing General Agent
Insurance Service Representative

Limited Lines Agent

Certain licenses offered by Texas Department of Insurance have additional specialized requirements beyond the 2 hours of Ethics, but the general CE courses apply to ALL insurance license types.

Check out the CE credit courses that you’ll need to renew your Texas insurance license.

Make sure that, as you get your CE’s for your license renewal, you’re getting exactly what you need. Remember that TDI requires a minimum of 12 hours of Classroom or Classroom Equivalent courses. In addition to individual courses, 2021Training has two different CE packages that offer you the complete 24 hours needed with the convenience and savings of online study.