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All-Lines vs. P&C (Property and Casualty)

Texas P&C License or Texas All Lines License for Insurance Adjusting?

What is the difference between a Texas All-Lines Adjuster License and a Texas P&C License?

Answer:  Only the ability to handle workers compensation claims.

Many people looking to get their Texas Insurance Adjuster License are faced with the decision of which license to get.

Texas offers several licenses, but the two most popular are the Texas All-Lines License and the Texas P&C License.  The P&C License is property and casualty.  The only difference between these two licenses is the fact that the All-Lines license includes workers compensation claims.

While you may be thinking to yourself that this really makes no difference in your world as to whether you can handle workers compensation claims or not, let me share with you a few things.

The All-Lines license classroom is identical except for one small section on workers compensation.  This is less than an hour in your study of a 32 hour online course.  Secondly, the requirements to maintain the license is EXACTLY the same as the P&C license.

We have had a small handful of people who have a Texas P&C license need to come back and get an All-Lines license.

Long story short, there is no reason to not get an All-Lines license initially.  It will cost you nothing but a really short amount of time to have the assurance that you will be able to work with ANY type of claims.


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