The Best Vehicle Options for a Claims Adjuster

Let’s face facts, as an insurance claims adjuster, you’re going to spend quite a bit of time in your vehicle, I know I certainly did before I started 2021 Training in Plano, TX back in 2008. The reality is that you’ll need your vehicle to perform fulfill more than a few roles, especially if you’re going to be dealing with multiple locations or claims during the same day. For many claims adjusters, the answer to “which vehicle is the best choice for adjusters?” is easy. The pickup truck will be chosen 9 out of 10 times.

Well, as great of an option as the pickup truck can be when headed out to a site, it’s still important to consider all the angles when deciding on the right vehicle for you. To help claims adjusters be as prepared as possible for dealing with the unexpected challenges and dynamic conditions of life as an insurance claims adjuster, I decided it would be a great idea to take some time to go over the different things that are important in a vehicle, and why a pickup truck is not your only option.

Look Past the Status Symbol

Just like every other construction-related industry, the pickup truck is the vehicle of choice when it comes to making a statement. In many cases, people have an opinion about pickup trucks that goes something like: “the bigger your truck, the better of an impression you’ll make!” While that’s not entirely wrong, there are also other factors to consider that can be easy to overlook.

When you’re on the job as an insurance claims adjuster, you won’t have co-workers or a boss to impress, and ultimately, being comfortable can have a much bigger impact on your job. A pickup truck is a great tool for carrying around heavy loads or a whole lot of equipment, but as an insurance adjuster, the chances of you needing to do that are very low.

Think About Your Equipment

As an insurance claims adjuster, you’re not going to be using your vehicle to carry around big, heavy tools, from site to site. Most of the gear you need can be carried on you at all times, and the biggest tool that needs to be readily available is a high-quality ladder you can use while you’re on location. If you’re driving a pickup truck, then the only place you have to keep your ladder safe is in the back. That isn’t the best option if you need to leave your vehicle unattended.

A pickup’s basic design makes it seem more inviting for criminals, and whether you’ve got tools in the back or not, the chances are higher that someone might come close to the vehicle to see what else you’ve got when you’re not there to protect it. From my own experience, its better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re on location after a major event and you’re dealing with multiple claims.

Comfort is King

Driving a pickup truck isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the end. From low gas mileage to the lack of interior space in the vehicle, there are a few good reasons why this type of vehicle may not be the right tool for the job when tackling life as an insurance claims adjuster. Another thing to think about when it comes to your choice of vehicles is overall comfort. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to sleep in your vehicle while out handling claims, if that happens, then the last thing you want to be doing is trying to get comfortable in the cab of a pickup!

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When it comes to preparing for life as an insurance claims adjuster, things don’t have to be overwhelming, and with the right help, you can get started sooner than you think! Being ready to take on the challenges of life in the industry means having the right tools for the job, and we can give you the guidance and advice you need to make sure you’re ready to be successful, and that you’ve got the right gear (including a vehicle) that you need to handle the job the right way!
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