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The Best Ways to Stay Prepared as a New Insurance Claims Adjuster

One of the things that most people learn as they’re starting in the field of insurance claims adjusting is how sudden a call for deployment can be. From my own experience, there is hardly ever much a warning before the call comes in the get on the road for an extended period. One of the last things you want to have happened is for a deployment order to arrive during a time when you’re simply not ready for it. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX, my team and I have spent years working with people to help them be fully prepared for their new career as an independent insurance claims adjuster.

Being ready to answer a sudden call to action (especially during the stormy seasons of the year) is just part of the territory when it comes to insurance claims adjusting. In most cases, there isn’t going to be a set schedule or any advance notice to prepare you for being deployed. I can remember more times than I’d like where there was little more than a phone call and an expectation that I would need to be on the ground in another state 1,500 miles away from how no more than 48 hours later. To help new adjusters feel more confident when they first deal with this type of situation, I decided it would be a great time to share a few pieces of advice about being prepared.

Always Have a Suitcase Ready to Go

One of the most stressful parts of getting out the door in many unexpected situations in the rush of packing. From finding a missing pair of pants to trying to track down the charger you just put on the bed a few minutes ago, nothing can get on the nerves faster than a last-minute rush to throw your belongings in a bag. Worse still, more often than not the entire hectic rush only leads to the frustrating realization you’ve forgotten something down the road.

The best way to avoid dealing with this type of situation is to always keep your important luggage packed, secured, and ready to be taken at any time. Even if this means buying an additional charger or other supplies to make sure they’re always where they need to be in your bag, it is a small price to pay compared to getting out in the field and realizing that something important has been left at home. You may even want to spend a little time planning for the different seasons in advance, that way you aren’t stuck with a bag full of winter clothes as temperatures start to rise, or vice versa.

Make Sure Your Electronics Are at Your Side

As an insurance claims adjuster, there are a few important tools that always need to be available, but nothing is more important than a fully charged tablet and phone these days. From accessory cables to a mobile charging device, there are a variety of helpful additions that should always be a part of your deployment. Small things like a backup memory card for your devices, a spare charging cable, or even an extra battery can make a big difference at the most unexpected time. If you’re on deployment, there isn’t always going to be a working power plug nearby when your devices start dipping into the red. Having a mobile charging station on hand can mean the difference between a successful deployment, and a frustrating struggle to find a working plug so that you can finish your report.

Never Underestimate the Value of Emergency Supplies

Accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. When you’re out in the field handling claims, unexpected things can happen. Having something available close by to deal with the situation can have an incredible impact on the situation. A first aid kit, for example, can give you the tools you need to deal with wounds or a sudden illness even in the most remote corners of a region. 

Learn to Plan Ahead with 2021 Training in Plano, Texas

Being successful as an insurance claims adjuster starts with being prepared to deal with the unexpected. From sudden calls to extended deployments to unexpected complications in the field, rolling with the punches and overcoming challenges is just a part of the job. At the same time, having a solid plan and taking the time to prepare yourself in advance for most situations can go a long way towards making sure you’ll come out on top. To get started on your path towards becoming an insurance claims adjuster, or for more advice on ways to succeed in the field, don’t hesitate to contact our team or review our course list online today!


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