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The Great Insurance Adjuster Gift Guide

As of this writing, there are only 14 shopping days left until Christmas. By this time, you have probably started getting questions from your spouse, mom, aunt, and best friend about what you want under the tree this year. If you have drawn a blank every time someone asks, this post is for you. 

The holidays are a great time to let the people in your life show you their love with gifts. And if they’re asking, why not ask for things that can make your work life easier? Here are a few ideas.

Technology for Insurance Adjusters

Let’s start with the big items. These are likely the kinds of things that you could ask for from your spouse or parents, because they are bigger budget items. 

  • A high quality smartphone – If you’re an independent adjuster, chances are you have to provide your own phone. Your cell phone is an essential lifeline out in the field. It’s your map, your camera, and yes, your phone. Preferences vary for brands and styles, but there are a few specs where high quality is a necessity. Make sure it has a high quality camera, a sturdy build, and a very good battery life. 
  • A tablet – A tablet can be a very useful tool when you’re out in the field and need more power than your phone provides, but don’t want to fully engage your laptop. It’s especially handy for running Xactimate, the industry standard estimating software. You can get assignments, make sketches, and estimate right on site. 
  • GPS – Yes, GPS systems separate from smartphones do still exist. They are a very useful tool for insurance adjusters. When you’re traveling into an area that has been impacted by a major storm or other catastrophic event, you could lose cell phone reception or access to wifi. When this happens, you need to make sure you have essential tools that can function offline. Without a GPS, you may have to revisit your paper map reading skills, which could slow you down.

Professional Accessories For Adjusters

  • Heavy duty cases for tech equipment – Adjusting can be a bit rough on delicate technology essentials. You are often climbing on roofs, crawling through small spaces, and having to rest items on unstable surfaces. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask Santa for some quality cases to protect your phone, tablet, and laptop. Look for items with shock absorbing bumpers, tough plastic bodies, and screen protectors.
  • Stylus or Apple Pencil – These come in very handy when sketching and estimating on the go. A case and safe storage option for this is a good idea as well.
  • Notebooks – Sometimes, it makes sense to go analog. There are really great options for notebooks that are water and damage resistant. These are a great fit for adjusters who are likely to get things dirty and wet. Field Notes and Rite in the Rain are great brands for these types of notebooks. 

Travel Accessories

Not everything should be used directly for your job. Here are a few ideas to help you stay comfortable on the road.

  • Ergonomic Car Seat Cushions – You spend a lot of time behind the wheel as an insurance adjuster. Why not make yourself as comfortable as possible? There are many options for car seat cushions and padding from brands like SharperImage and Purple. Some are even heated!
  • Portable battery chargers – These are one of those affordable gadgets you can never have enough of especially in our industry. Charge these up before heading out on the road and never have to deal with a dead phone or tablet again.
  • Extra comfy towels, blankets, and bathrobe – These are often provided in hotels and motels, but aren’t always very good quality. Ask for some extra cozy versions that you reserve for travel and bring a little bit of the comfort of home with you every time you’re out in the field.

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