The Most Important Asset for a Successful Independent Claims Adjuster

As many experts would tell you, setting aside time for personal activities regardless of your busy schedule is an important part of staying healthy and avoiding the burnout of an active lifestyle. For myself, I try to almost always start the day with a quiet time of reflection. Sometimes I find it difficult to do that because I want to start working and get things done, but I know how important it can be to slow down before picking up the pace. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX, my team and I have spent years working with people to get them ready for a bright future as an independent claims adjuster, and I know how important it can be to maintain a focus on what matters most.

Recently, I spent some time in the morning while out walking lost in thought. As an instructor and leadership example for my students who are hoping to achieve success in the claims adjusting industry, I often think about how I can really help my students. I decided it would be extremely helpful to set aside all the technical information and industry advice for today and focus on something that can make a world of difference for every claims adjuster when they are out in the field.

Quite a few wise minds throughout history have put an emphasis on the principle of taking pride in ourselves and letting that pride show through our work, and that concept has always stuck with me. As independent claims adjusters, our most valuable asset is not our job skills or knowledge of the industry, but who we are on the inside, our character, drive to succeed, and integrity. As professionals whose work can have a direct impact on the lives of many people, we need to be able to rise above the daily routine of the work itself. Underlying concerns with personal character, work ethic, and more tend to be revealed in unexpected ways as time passes. If there is a gap between what we are at work and what we are outside of work, then there is a good chance a problem is just waiting to happen. Statistics, in particular, show that while people are most often recruited for their skills, they can be fired just as quickly if their character does not meet or exceed professional standards for their employer.

In the long run, this means that achieving success as an independent claims adjuster (or in many other careers for that matter) depends largely on a person’s character. The way each day is approached, the methods and practices involved when going about a work routine, the extra effort that is invested in making sure a job is handled the right way instead of the fast way, and the choice to avoid cutting corners all makes a difference. Even before a person starts learning about the best practices and methods for being a claims adjuster, it is important to look inwardly and recognize that the little choices we make every day can have a huge impact on the way we perform on the job.

The Takeaway

I’m not saying that we don’t have to work constantly on our knowledge and skills to continue growing as claims adjusters we should always be expanding our knowledge, especially in today’s competitive market. Instead, I am trying to point out that lasting and meaningful success will be the result of more than skill as an adjuster. A high level of competence and success in a career as an adjuster starts with the decision to place a high value on personal character. In other words, being a good adjuster starts with being a good person.

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Starting out in the world of independent claims adjusting can be a challenge, and for many people, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed without the right guidance to understand what to study first and how to make sense of it. Instead of trying to sort through everything alone, don’t hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about the services we offer or sign up for our online courses to start your journey towards a bright future.