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Time Management Tips for Independent Insurance Adjusters

As an independent insurance adjuster, you essentially work for yourself. You aren’t staff, so you get to choose whether or not you will investigate a claim. This freedom can be intoxicating for people who prefer to work for themselves. There is, however, a downside. For individuals with poor time-management skills, it can be difficult to complete their workload (and make a profit!) without the structure of a traditional 9-5 or in-office environment. Still, just because you struggle with time management now, doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be more efficient. Follow the tips below, and before you know it you’ll have a handle on your time and start closing claims out faster than ever before. 

Track Your Time

One of the major issues insurance adjusters run into is not realizing how much time they’re losing in a day. You may spend too much time scrolling through Facebook catching up with old acquaintances, answer every email as soon as it appears in your inbox, or multitask. All of these things can eat up a lot of time without you even noticing. Check activity logs on your mobile devices to see how much time you’re spending on it, and what you’re doing. You can also try keeping a physical daily log for a couple of weeks if you’re more old school. This will help you monitor your actions throughout the day and ensure you’re maximizing your time. The first step to addressing time management deficits is being aware of how much time you’re wasting. 

Use Time Management Tools

There are plenty of time management apps and tools available on the market to help you make better use of your time. 

Rescue Time will help you manage your time. This allows you to track your daily screentime, set goals, and track your phone habits as they improve. 

Remember The Milk is a great app for smartphones that lets you make to-do lists and conveniently syncs them to your calendars and other devices. 

Focus Keeper is a helpful time management tools because it helps you set goals and time limits, and schedules consistent breaks so you don’t burn out.

Put Time Limits on Tasks

It’s important to set time limits on tasks. When you’re new to insurance adjusting or a perfectionist it can take ages to complete a relatively simple task. If you only give yourself an hour to complete something, then you’re forced to focus and complete the work without all of the overthinking. Ask the person who deployed you how long the job is estimated to take, and hold yourself to that number. 

Stay Organized

Organization is an important part of time management. You need to know what your tasks are and how to prioritize them in order to complete them in the allotted time. Experiment with different organization tactics to figure out what works best for you. Then stick to it. Some adjusters find that going paperless and managing their documents and schedule online is helpful. Others write lists and keep folders in their briefcase. Regardless, strong organization and time management skill will work hand in hand to make you a better insurance adjuster. 

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