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Tips to Nail Your Insurance Adjuster Interview

The road to becoming an insurance adjuster is relatively easy. After you sign up for the 2021 Training pre-licensing course, you’ll be able to take the Texas licensing exam. After you pass it, all you have to do is get a job…Easy, right? Well, only if you nail the interview that will actually land you the job. That’s why we prepared a few interview tips for you. There’s more to an insurance adjuster interview than making sure you don’t have any typos in the copy of the resume you hand out and making a great first impression.

We’ve already discussed the most common interview questions for insurance adjusters, but today, we’ll go into a bit more detail.

Do Your Research

The typical first move after getting an interview call is researching the company. The same goes for an insurance adjuster interview as well. Whether you’re applying for a third-party administrator or an insurance firm, you need to show them you’re a great fit for their needs, and that means knowing a thing or two about the work they do and their company culture.

All job interview tips will at least mention doing research. However, in the case of insurance adjusting, you need to show the interviewer just how well informed you are and how you could bring value to their company. That’s why research is paramount.

Control Your Body Language

Most job interview tips will tell you it’s essential you don’t appear nervous or anxious during your interviews. They’ll talk about maintaining eye contact and impressing the hiring manager.

The same goes for insurance adjuster interviews. Still, you have to remember that the job of an insurance adjuster involves a lot of high-stress situations. You’ll be the one talking with people who have been through an ordeal, so you have to demonstrate that stressful situations don’t intimidate you. What’s more, you also have to show that you can manage people under emotional duress.

Controlling your body language while the interview is in progress is one of the ways to do that.

Always Give Authentic, Detailed Examples

As an insurance adjuster, you’ll be responsible for examining the damage, processing reports, and ultimately negotiating the payments. That means you’ll spend your time talking to claimants and witnesses and assessing the situation.

To be a good insurance adjuster, you have to be able to assess the situation with precision and make quick decisions based on your judgment call. You must show that skill during your interview. Even if you never handled an insurance claim before, you have to give detailed examples of how you assessed a high-stress situation and made a favorable decision in the nick of time.

Have an Answer Prepared for Every Question

If you’re applying for your first insurance adjusting job, you’ll probably get asked what made you turn to this field. Furthermore, the interviewer will ask you why you think you’ll make a good insurance adjuster.

You must have complete, comprehensive answers at the ready. If you don’t have experience in insurance adjusting, make sure to draw clear parallels between your previous job and insurance adjusting. Tell them what made you consider the field in the first place and why you think you’d be a good fit for the job.

Get Started with 2021 Training 

Getting started on your new insurance adjuster career path is just a click away. Sign up for one of our comprehensive online pre-licensing courses. Our staff is full of knowledgeable experts who will teach you everything you need to know about insurance adjusting, passing the exam, and nailing that first interview! These insurance agent interview tips will help you wow the hiring manager of Texan insurance companies and start your new career ASAP!

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