Top 3 Characteristics of Great Independent Adjusters

What is an Independent Adjuster?

Staff insurance adjusters call upon independent adjusters to assist in fulfilling claims. These individuals help staff adjusters during catastrophes or when there is an abundance of claims. Sometimes, one team cannot handle all of the work or a claim may require special expertise and independent adjusters can assist.

Time Management

Managing your time wisely is key to ensuring that you become a successful adjuster.

After a catastrophe, time is of utmost importance. You will have an influx of claims that need to be processed in a timely manner. Customers want an independent adjuster who will work quickly and efficiently to complete a claim and send it to the insurance company.


The number one trait of a good independent adjuster is honesty.

You need to be impartial as you review the events of the incident and document the details. The independent adjuster documents the damage and provides enough information so the agency can approve or deny the claim.

It’s important for independent adjusters to build a solid reputation and a history of accurate reports and recommendations.


Strong communication skills are important in any field of work,  but in the claims business, communication is vital. Verbal and written communication are essential for adjusters to provide a smooth claims experience for all interested parties.

During a catastrophe, many individuals and companies may be involved in the claims process. Clear communication helps establish priorities, ensures quick and efficient research, and helps insurance agencies track the progress of a claim.

Computer Proficiency

Every major insurance carrier requires adjusters to deliver claims estimates electronically. You should be proficient in basic computer skills to close claims quickly. If you struggle with typing, using a mouse, or navigating a Windows-based program consider enrolling in a basic computer skills course to improve.

Insurance Policy Knowledge

The ability to read an insurance policy is important to becoming a claims adjuster. You will need to apply the policies within the scope of each particular insurance claim. Rules and formulas can guide through most of the work, but when you encounter grey areas an adjuster must rely upon intuition, conscience, and experience.

Asking questions of your colleagues, superiors, and industry leaders will help. It’s a journey you must be willing to take on if you want to be a great adjuster.

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