Tornados, Tropical Storms and Hurricane Season

June 1st was the official “opening” of hurricane season and already we have a storm forming in the Gulf right after we’ve seen multiple tornadoes ravaging the Midwest.

Many adjusters are already busy with the hail and tornados the Midwest has already experienced this spring.  There are so many events that don’t make national news, but create work for adjusters all year long.

The storms that went through the Midwest have done several things.  They created wind damage to a large area.  They also pelted some areas with huge hail.  We all saw the media attention to the large areas that were affected by tornados.  What you may not have realized is the extensive flooding it caused. Thawing snow in the northern states saturates the ground and then the water dumped by the storms is creating flooding.  All this water is working its way to the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Andrea

From the tornados, our attention has turned to Tropical Storm Andrea.  It’s our first named storm of the2013 hurricane season.  It’s dumping rain on Florida and will be working its way up the eastern coastline.

Will there be work created for insurance adjuster from this storm or not?

NOW is the time to get prepared.  NOW is the time to complete your training.  I’ve talked to many who are getting licensed and trained to be ready to go by August.

Here is what you need to remember.
Get your license as soon as you can.  You’ll have to wait for the state to process your application, which can take up to 8 weeks.  It would be unfortunate to miss your work opportunity by waiting too long to submit your application to the state.

Once the license application has been submitted, learn how to do the work.  Having a license is not where you stop on your path to being and insurance adjuster.  It’s only getting your foot in the door. Two classes you need are Xactimate training and Practical Adjusting class. For new adjusters, 2021 Training has the “Smart Start Package” that will give any new adjuster the essentials to be successful.

I’m amazed with the low cost of entry in this industry.  Between your training and equipment, most will spend less than $1,000.  No other degree or education is required.

Watch these storms closely and expect the unexpected.  The only thing normal about these storms is that they are never normal.  2013 hurricane season will prove to be an interesting one.

Some adjusters are looking back at 2012 wishing they’d acted sooner.  I still have money in the bank that I made 7 months ago because I got licensed and started with Hurricane Sandy.

More storms are coming.  Take time now to get ready, it’s not too late.

John Bowers has a background in construction and decided to add claims adjusting to create a new income source. Follow John’s journey as he shares his experiences on training and deployment.