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My Training As A CAT Adjuster

I used online training to get my Texas Insurance Adjuster License and then went to get my Xactimate training. Next was Practical Adjusting training. Personally, I prefer the online training because it’s really more cost effective, and I didn’t have to take time off from work.

As I mentioned earlier, I started sending out my resumes and signing up at several of the large CAT firms. Pilot invited me to a 3 day live training to get my State Farm Certification.

After that, Pilot asked me to complete an online training of the State Farm ECS which is their Electronic Claim System.  Hurricane Isaac is out in the gulf and as customary, Pilot sends out a questionnaire to see if I’m available for deployment.

But it’s my job to be prepared and ready.  Thanks to people like 2021 Training, I feel prepared for what’s ahead. The best thing you can do prior to being asked to take the certification is to be prepared.  Get the best training you can ahead of time.

Xactimate software training is crucial.  I’ve found that has a great Xactimate class that will train you to be an efficient adjuster in the field and prepare you to be totally comfortable taking certifications such as this when they’re available.

2021Training also has a Practical Class that will prepare you how to show up in the field. Making a good first impression is important out in the field.  It’s incredibly useful in learning the little things that will make you efficient in the field. And that means completing claims faster.

You’ll want to be prepared.  The companies need claims completed.  Bottom line: Be prepared and get busy!

I look forward to sharing more along the way.  Happy Adjusting!

John Bowers has a background in construction and decided to add claims adjusting to create a new income source.  Follow John\’s journey as he shares his experiences on training and deployment.


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