TWIA Student Portal Instructions

NOTE:  Only those students who have taken the online TWIA adjuster and examiner certification courses will be in the portal.

Listed below are the things you will be able to do in the TWIA Student Portal:

•    print your TWIA Certificate of Completion for the online class
•    edit your Texas Adjuster’s License Number
•    change your email address
•    change your password for the portal
•    change your TWIA CAT company affiliate

It is recommended that you log into the TWIA Student Portal and verify that all of the information is accurate.

Although you can change your CAT company at any time, TWIA only allows affiliation with one company, which will be the most recent one selected in your profile.  Only this current CAT company will view you on their TWIA roster in the portal.

If your CAT company affiliate in the portal indicates “TWIA” and you are not a TWIA Corporate Employee, then you need to change your affiliation.  The TWIA affiliation is designated only for TWIA Corporate Employees.

Step 1

To login to the TWIA Student Portal, go to the home page. Then click on the “Login” tab on the far right at top of screen.

TWIA Students - Click Login on home page




Step 2

On the login page, select the 3rd option: TWIA Student Portal.  You can always review these instructions by clicking on the instructions link.

 TWIA student portal Login information
Step 3

The place to login is at the far right of the screen.

Login using the username and password that you received in your “2021Training TWIA Student Portal Login” email upon completion of your TWIA certification class.

If you cannot locate the email, please contact us at and we will secure your login information for you.

Step 4

Next, you will see the welcome screen.  Your name will appear on the far right under the TWIA tab.  You will also only have access to the HOME tab and STUDENT tab.

TWIA students portal

Step 5

When you click on the STUDENT tab, you’ll see where you can access your profile to change your password, update your email address, etc. as well as print your badge and/or certificate of completion.

TWIA student portal - where to print certificates

Step 6

By selecting “Profile”, you will be taken to this screen.  Make whatever changes are necessary and click the “Update Profile” button to save your changes.

TWIA student profile page0