What are the Most Important Qualities of a Successful Independent Claims Adjuster?

Quite a few people
have asked the question: “what does it take to be a good independent claims
adjuster?” throughout the years. While there are already a variety of articles
on our blog covering different aspects of this question such as time management
habits or which tools to keep handy, that doesn’t directly answer this popular
question. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX, my team and I have been helping people get ready for a successful career in the claims adjusting industry for
years, and we know how important it can be to have a clear idea of what it takes to be successful.

Being an independent
claims adjuster can be a challenging switch from the routine and structure that
comes with any typical 9 to 5 job, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or
confused without a clear structure of guidance and direction that comes with
that kind of management system. To give our students, and our readers, a better
idea of what kind of traits matter when it comes to being a successful
independent claims adjuster, I thought it would help to go over the topic for a
little while.

Communication is Important

Insurance claims
adjusters need to have outstanding people skills to get through their day to
day routine. Insurance adjusters handle all kinds of people with a wide variety
of attitudes and mindsets. Some might be happy and grateful, but others could
be angry and suspicious. As a representative of an insurance company, the
claims adjuster is often the only point of contact between the insurer and the
insured. Customer service must always be a top priority, with an emphasis on
warm, patient and professional communication.

Time Management Makes a World of Difference

Two enemies of every
claims adjuster are lost time and stress, especially for an independent
adjuster who handles disaster claims. Effective time management minimizes
stress and maximizes profits. It is not uncommon for insurance adjusters to
receive hundreds of claims. In a disaster situation, every applicant will want
a corrector there faster than seems possible. Managing expectations,
multitasking, and staying aware of the time of day are all very important to
survive the “storm” of insurance claims.

Integrity is Vital

An insurance claims
adjuster, especially an independent one, has great freedom and power and is
therefore burdened with increased responsibility. There are temptations for
violations such as bribes, kickbacks, and other shady activities that a good
adjuster must always be vigilant against. Crime can produce results in some
professions, but not in insurance claims adjusting. Unethical adjusters are the
most likely to find themselves without a job without warning.

A Drive to Always Push for Success

Sometimes claims
adjusters are faced with situations that seem impossible. Difficulties such as
language barriers, inappropriate claims, impassable roads, and software errors
can make being an independent claims adjuster a challenge that pushes people to
yearn for greener pastures. This is especially true for disaster events. https://www.austinclinic.com.au/ Some
people take do the work and go home, others get lost in the event and may not
ever return to the field. Others face down the challenges with creative
innovation and the will to succeed. Proactivity and perseverance are the
hallmarks of a highly efficient claims adjuster.

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