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What Does a CAT Adjuster Do?

CAT Adjusters 101 — What They Do and How They do It

People don’t normally dream of becoming insurance adjusters. How many kids say “insurance” when you ask them about their dream job? Probably very few. But the career of an insurance claims adjuster can be a rewarding one. There are many avenues of insurance adjusting that you can pursue after getting your Texas adjuster license. Independent adjusters handle all sorts of claims — from property adjusting to auto-damage claims to handling catastrophic claims. A CAT adjuster or a catastrophe adjuster is the person who handles the claims after a natural disaster hits. 

What Is a CAT Adjuster?

Independent adjusters who finished the natural disaster insurance adjuster training are specialists. They concentrate in surveying the damage caused by natural disasters and catastrophes. Sadly, natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, wildfires, floods, tsunamis, etc., are common. Climate change and human factors increase the chances of natural disasters every year. That’s why CAT adjusters have plenty of work.

Becoming a CAT adjuster is an excellent career decision, given that insurance companies will always hire independent adjusters after a catastrophe. After every disaster, insurance agencies will call a large number of independent adjusters to the scene. That’s the only way to quickly and efficiently process all the claims. 

No matter the type and size of a natural disaster, the impact is always massive. That means hundreds of claims are waiting for a CAT adjuster to assess them and determine their outcome.

What Do CAT Adjusters Do?

When a disaster hits, a lot of people have to rush to the scene. As far as insurance companies are concerned, adjusters are the most important ones.

When you’re a CAT adjuster, you have to be ready to travel at a moment’s notice. Remember, natural disasters don’t really schedule their appearance. They happen when they happen. And, in the blink of an eye, they devastate an area.

That also means these disasters leave a lot of insurance claims in their wake. A CAT adjuster is the person who goes to the scene to:

  • assess the damage (the extent, level, and number of claims)
  • determine if the damage falls under the insurance policy (for each claimant)
  • report back to the insurance agency.

Although CAT adjusters have to wait for a disaster to hit in order to work, sitting at home isn’t exactly what they do. Instead, they network, reach out, and look for work where they are needed. Being a CAT adjuster means going to the scene of the disaster, wherever it may be.

How to Become a CAT Adjuster

The number of natural disasters went up by 35% since the 1990s, and it will only continue to grow. That’s why becoming a CAT adjuster is a good career choice. In order to become this, you must finish the necessary pre-licensing courses and get a license from the Texas Department of Insurance.

2021 Training offers courses on all types of insurance adjusting, CAT adjusting included. It also offers a chance for newcomers to pick up the tricks of the trade. That means they’ll get not only the necessary education, but also practical tips on how to get your first CAT job, how to network, and which responsibilities they’ll have.

Do you think you’d make a good CAT adjuster? Contact 2021 Training, and start your journey of becoming one!

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