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What Is Xactimate?

Xactimate is an adjusting software designed to be used by insurance adjusters. It helps insurance adjusters file claims more efficiently and accurately. 2021 Training has a complete Xactimate course that will take you through each step of the process. 

For example, if you are evaluating storm damage to a home, you will be able to not only take pictures of the damage but also be able to sketch it in Xactimate. This helps you to fill the claim as accurately as possible.

Xactimate Is the Industry Standard

Over the past decade, Xactimate has grown to become the industry standard. If you are just starting out as a new insurance adjuster, it is important that you learn to use this. It would be in your best interest to act fast and learn it sooner rather than later, as you will find it valuable even in filling your first claim. It is important to learn the industry standards so that you can operate at your best and to ensure that your work is of the same quality as your competitors.

Industry standards level the playing field. If everyone has to learn this, the expectations of individual insurance adjusters will be more the same across the board. Xactimate also displays claims in a very professional manner. To a person who is not educated on how to use Xactimate, it appears to have taken great care, detail, and time to have filed your claim. This is a valuable illusion because your clients will greatly appreciate that you took so much time and effort with their claim. In this way, Xactimate can help you build a solid business of filing claims because your clients know that you will value them and their time.

File Claims Properly

As a new insurance adjuster, you will be expected to know how to use Xactimate, and you need to be more than just familiar with it. Practice using it before filing your first claim. To stand out against other new insurance adjusters, become proficient with this tool. If you are applying to insurance firms and it comes down to you versus another candidate, you can make the decision easier and more obvious who the best choice for the roll is if you prove that you are proficient with using this tool.

You can file claims through Xactimate on an online platform, desktop, or mobile. Many claims adjusters use their phones to take pictures, and you can make the computer in your pocket even more useful on the job with Xactimate. You can Xactimate here, it costs about $270 per month, which seems expensive but this is an invaluable tool to your business. To succeed as an adjuster, it is necessary.

Train For Xactimate With 2021 Training

2021 Training has an excellent course for Xactimate training. We will take you from the beginner level to filling your first claim confidently. From starting a new claim, sketching a room and the items in it, and adding notes all the way to adding photos, dimensioning rooms, and ethics, you will be well on your way to success with this course.

If you have been filling claims for some time now and without Xactimate, it is never too late to learn. Our Xactimate course also counts for additional learning hours. Each state has different requirements for how many further learning hours you need per year, and this course counts for those hours needed to maintain your license. In Texas, the course counts for 12 CE hours, specifically 10 general hours and 2 ethics hours. Call 2021 Training at (972) 767-7699 for more information. You can contact us anytime to get started. 

What is Xactimate? and Where do I get Xactimate Online Training?

It doesn’t take long hanging out around insurance adjusters to hear about something called Xactimate.  If you are a new adjuster, you’ll hear many adjusters tell you it’s essential to get trained and become proficient in Xactimate before you will find work.

So that leads to the question:  “What IS Xactimate?”

It’s a subscription based software program created by the company Xactware It estimates insurance claims and documents the cost of replacement or repair of items related to construction. Currently, it only runs on a Windows platform. You can use it on an Apple Mac computer if you use a product such as Parallels to run Windows applications. You have to download it onto your computer.

So if you have a tree fall on a house, it would assist you in pricing out the cost of repair when settling an insurance claim.  The software has built in price lists that it updates on a monthly basis which is where the real value of the software is. When you enter information to replace a wall of a given dimension, it will help you price all the pieces involved in that replacement.  A full 30 day demo version is available from the company website.

You get price breaks on your subscription if you go with longer term payments such as a year versus a month.  Once you have your subscription set up, you’re assigned an adjuster ID for your account. This allows insurance companies to send you claims digitally.  There are several training options for learning how to use it.

Xactimate Online Training

If you want to be a CAT adjuster to work storms of any size, then I’d recommend a training course with that in mind.  2021Training has a great online class that gives a lot of helpful information pertinent to an independent adjuster who works storms. The company Xactware also provides some training, but many adjusters have found it less “user friendly” as compared to other courses such as 2021 Training.

Xactimate is an incredible tool and a MUST if you want to be a part of the insurance adjuster community.  There are a couple of other estimating software programs, but the vast majority of insurance companies use Xactimate, and they’re the ones who dictate what software you use to adjust the claim.  It is not the choice of the adjuster.

Everything You Need to Know about Xactimate

Each profession has their own set of tools. They use these tools so they can perform their jobs – and perform them well. Insurance claim adjusters are no different. They work with a software called Xactimate to make the adjusting process easier. That is why anyone who wants to work as an insurance claim adjuster, or join the insurance industry, should take the time to master this powerful piece of software.

Consider this your first step. Here’s everything you need to know about Xactimate.

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate was developed by Xactware to handle all tasks related to claims adjusting. Tasks like writing claims, referencing pricing books, and the actual calculation of complete estimates no longer have to be done by hand. Instead, all of these tasks are handled by Xactimate automatically. This allows the adjuster to complete his/her duties in half the time it originally took.

Product Features

Xactware provides a list of Xactimate’s key features. These include:

  • Visual tools that allow better view of the entire structure with 3D.
  • Create detailed reports of claims with various attachments.
  • Access to round-the-clock support for the software.
  • Cloud syncing for greater access to claims data.
  • Find the location easier with GPS and location data.
  • Inspection feature helps identify potential problems in an estimate.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Tracking of payment and documents inside the system.
  • Easy creation of price list components.

Benefits of Working with Xactimate

With Xactimate, insurance claim adjusters can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Saving resources in creating estimates.
  • Availability of a wide array of tools that enable the adjuster to create more accurate, detailed, and professional-looking estimates.
  • Gaining access to up-to-date pricing information.
  • Create beautiful, more detailed sketches of structures.
  • Automation of estimation processes.
  • Better project management through project optimization.

Xactimate Best Practices

Our forerunners may have learned through trial-and-error. But remember, mistakes are inevitable but learning is optional. The best way to improve in using this tool of the trade is to learn from those that came before us. Here are some lessons they’ve shared to master the tool.

  1. For accurate estimates, sketches should be as accurate as possible. The sketch feature on Xactimate is one of its most redeeming features. You can instantly generate estimates from the sketch alone. To get the most accurate estimate, make sure all your dimensions are correction and that it captures all your line items.
  2. Add as many photos as you can (and label them correctly). In fact, the more photos you take, the better. Make sure you capture everything from damaged properties to affected rooms, capturing from all angles and corners. Label them accordingly. Many prefer descriptions to include the room and type of damage like “dining room ceiling water damage”.
  3. Learn from rejections. It helps to take note of frequently rejected line items. Learn what should be a line item and what isn’t. Make sure that labor line items you request don’t already correspond to a specific line item.
  4. Easy ways to find an item. Sorting through thousands and thousands of items to find that exact one? There are five ways to do it: use item search, look up the category, search by division, find a similar item, or do a reference search using pictures.

Xactimate offers all the tools you need to make it as an adjuster in the industry. To learn more about the software, subscribe to 2021Training’s Xactimate class. Different classes are also available on how to use Xactimate for various disciplines. Sign up for our Xactimate course here


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