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Why Become An Insurance Adjuster – Part 1 Small Investment

Many people are unfamiliar with the insurance claims adjusting field, particularly the CAT (catastrophe) adjusters. Simply put, adjusters are sent by insurance companies to help home and business owners with their property claims. A Cat Adjuster is sent to areas hit by catastrophic events such as a hurricane or tornado.

We’ve created a five part series “Why Become an Insurance Adjuster” which includes:

  1. Small Investment
  2. Minimal Education Requirements
  3. High Earning Potential
  4. Recession Proof Career
  5. Freedom and Flexibility

The earning potential of a CAT Adjuster can rival 90% of current careers.  Yet the cost of entry is minimal in comparison to most career training.

Initial Licensing Investment
When looking at different careers, evaluate all aspects of what it takes to step into that career.  Most states require some type of licensing to be an adjuster.  All states are a bit different, but for the sake of ease, let’s use Texas as a reference since it’s the most common and popular state in which to get licensed.

Texas requires that you either go to a state testing site to take an exam, or you can take a state authorized class that includes instruction plus the exam fulfilling the same requirement. Nearly everyone takes a state approved Pre-License course such as those available from 2021Training which offers online classes that include the exam. Classes range from $199 to $300 depending on the provider you choose. At the end of the course you are provided a certificate to submit to the state showing your course completion.

Including your $50 Texas application fee and fingerprint fee, the cost to get your license can be under $300 in Texas.

Next is additional training to maximize how to do your job well and get paid more. Once you submit your license application and documents, you can begin to increase your skill level even before your first assignment.

2021 Training offers two popular classes that are each considered a “must have.”

1.    The first class is Xactimate, which teaches you how to use the software most insurance companies use to estimate repair costs.
2.    The second is a Practical Adjusting. This online course is unique to 2021Training and provides new adjusters with training and tips from an experienced field adjuster so you can know what to expect even with your first assignment. The course also discusses how to get listed with the various companies so you can be sent on assignment. It will make your deployments easier and more profitable.

Both classes combined currently total less than $400 (the Smart Start package makes these even more cost effective). So far, this brings your investment to approximately $700.

Now that you have the knowledge, you’ll need the tools.  Ladders and a laptop are the largest expenses, but they’re probably items you already have.  Expect to spend around $200 in miscellaneous items to keep in your vehicle.  The tools needed to make your job easier are discussed in the Practical Adjusting course.

Great Value
So, altogether you should be investing approximately $900 – $1,000 to properly prepare yourself for great success as an adjuster.

While you probably could get by with just the license exam and fees, you’ll run the risk of pushing yourself out of a career before you even get started by not being adequately prepared.  The items listed above will get you properly launched in a very short period of time.

A year of college will run most over $15,000.  A college degree will run you $50,000 or more!  The earning potential of an insurance adjuster will rival 90% of current jobs.

That’s why insurance adjusting is a hidden gem!



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