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Why Become an Insurance Adjuster – Part 2 Minimal Education Requirements

Career education fees can seem daunting.  A year of college will run most over $15,000.  A college degree will run you $50,000 or more!  However, your new career investment as an insurance adjuste is minimal.  Pluls the high earning potential far exceeds the investment.

Credit Hours
Most college degrees require at least 120 Credit hours.  Each credit hour is 15 hours of class time along with additional time for required homework.  This means you’re looking at 1,800 hours of class time.  Then, in addition to those hours, you have all the hours of homework.  Traditional 4 year degrees require an enormous expense as well as 4 years of dedicated effort to complete degree requirements.

Insurance adjusters will usually be required to spend 40 hours of training to get a license.  This can be accomplished within a week.  Then the two additional classes that we always recommend would add another 3-4 days.

This means that within a week or two, your education requirements can be met.  Specifically, this is what you’ll need to prepare yourself to do catastrophe work.

1.    Get your adjuster license through a Pre-Licensing course (approx. 40 hours)
2.    Take the Practical Adjusting course (approx. 6 hours) to learn basic field information from dealing with the insured individuals to tools you’ll need.
3.    Take the Xactimate video course to learn the software for submitting claims (approx. 10 hours)

Most enter their adjusting career working a major hurricane or other large natural disaster and this set of classes will give you the knowledge you need do your job well.

Additional Training   
Most adjusters choose to add other training, such as certifications needed to work claims for specific insurance carriers.  One example of this is the TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) Adjuster Certification that is available online at 2021Training.  This class is a 4 hour certification that will teach you specifics pertaining to their policies and is a requirement to work TWIA claims.

Additionally, the state of Texas requires 30 continuing education (CE), and you can add CE credit hours through 2021Training online. This is typically under $150 and can be spread out over several months or grouped together depending on your preference.

The educational requirements are created specifically to the adjuster career needs without extra “fluff” courses. They meet the state minimums to be licensed.

Your Part
This career choice still requires personal effort, which only the student can provide. But it’s an important part of any successful career.

This is a career for self-starters who are willing to take action to forward their career.  Just having a license won’t get you a job.

But if you take the steps outlined in the Practical Adjusting course to find the companies who are looking for adjusters, and to take the proper steps to become the adjuster they want to send out on jobs, you’ll be rewarded greatly for your effort.

How much better is it to start your career with up to a $1,000 investment and 2 weeks of your time instead of $60,000 in long range school debt, and several years of your life just to begin a job search?

The earning potential of an insurance adjuster can rival 90% of current jobs.  Our next post will discuss the earning potential you have as an insurance adjuster.

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