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Why Home Remodelers Make Great Insurance Adjusters

On average, people change careers 5 to 7 times in the course of their working years. Often these changes are from one skillset to another that is closely related. This helps with the adjustment and builds upon existing skills to reach new goals. One closely related career option for home remodelers is insurance adjusting. As a home remodeler, many of the skills you use every day are directly applicable to insurance adjusting. If you are a home remodeler who is interested in making a career change, your practical and soft skills can give you a head start to success.

You Know How to Assess A Work Site

As a home remodeler, your assessment of the work site sets the foundation for your entire project. You can tell the difference between normal wear and tear and damage that may have come from an outside source. You are familiar with paying close attention to detail and leaving no stone unturned in your assessment, since missing these items up front will cost you in the end. These are essential skills for insurance adjusters. In this role, you will need that attention to detail to locate damage. You will also need that discernment to make sure that your estimate covers the right things.

You Have Excellent Communication Skills

In your work as a home remodeler, you spend a lot of time talking to other people, both in person and in writing. You communicate with with construction workers, foremen, and other contractors to ensure that projects are being completed correctly and on time. You also engage with homeowners and property managers to assess their needs and wants. You coordinate between these different stakeholders to make sure that a project comes to a conclusion that can make everyone proud. Insurance adjusting requires much of this same skill. You will be a liaison between your company or client, the insurance company, and the insured. These conversations also may be happening at a high-stress time for everyone. Your ability to stay calm and maintain clarity will be a valuable asset.

You Are Organized and Can Multi-task

If you are good at your job as a home remodeler, you likely have several different projects going at the same time. When each of those jobs has multiple stakeholders and contractors to keep organized, adding multiple homes to the mix can make things even more complicated. You need excellent organizational skills to create the kind of structure that will keep things running smoothly. This same skill set comes in handy as an insurance adjuster. You will end up working during storm season or during other natural disasters. During these times, you will be juggling a lot of claims. You will also be spending a lot of time in your vehicle and working from non-permanent locations, such as hotels. The ability to stay organized on the go will make the difference between success and failure.

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