Why It Is Important to Have Independent Claims Adjusters

Independent claims adjusters have a unique and important role in the insurance industry. While some claims adjusters are employed directly by insurance companies, independent adjusters are contractors who may work for more than one company or agency. Both types of adjusters play important parts in keeping the insurance industry efficient and effective for their clients. However, independent adjusters have some special attributes and responsibilities that make  indispensable to both employers and insurance customers.

Disaster Response

Independent claims adjusters are often the first to respond to insurance customers in a crisis. Because they are independent contractors, insurance companies call on them when there is a higher volume of claims due to some kind of disaster. Common examples of this are hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires. 

While they are not first responders in the same sense as police, firefighters, emergency medical staff, they are often the first to start the rebuilding process. Starting an insurance claim is the first step for families and businesses to get back to normal. Because of the availability of independent claims adjusters, there are enough resources to go around after these events. This ensures that families and business owners aren’t waiting weeks or months to get the help they need.

Insurance Industry Impact

There are two main ways that an insurance adjuster makes a living. They are either a staff or company adjuster or an independent adjuster. Staff adjusters are directly employed by insurance companies or agencies. They have a fairly regular work schedule, benefits, and often slightly lower pay. Independent claims adjusters are independent contractors and function more like a small business than an employee. They are responsible for their own taxes, expenses, and overhead.

There is no way to overstate how beneficial this is to the insurance industry. If it were not for independent claims adjusters, insurance companies would have to employ a full time staff of adjusters to ensure they have enough to respond to disasters when they arise. This would leave lots of them with not much to do when there are no disasters that need a response. Additionally, this would have an astronomical cost and cause insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Economic Impact

Independent claims adjusters have a major impact on our nation’s economy. Since they do operate as contractors, they contribute to our small business community and entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, because of their higher than average income, they are also more likely to contribute to spending in their communities. They buy homes and vehicles and may also rent office or coworking spaces. They are also more likely to have disposable income, and since they have so much time off, they contribute a lot to tourism.

Make Your Mark With 2021 Training

Independent Insurance Adjusters make a major impact on the world with their work. They respond with compassion and care after disasters to make sure people are taken care of. They process claims efficiently and effectively to help people get back on their feet. Furthermore, they play an integral part in our overall economic well being as a country. If you’re ready to start making a difference as an insurance adjuster, click here to start your training today!