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Why Roofing Salesmen Make Great Insurance Adjusters

When making any career move, it is always good to have a base level of knowledge and skill about the work you will be doing. Insurance adjusting is no different. If you are interested in making a move from being a roofing salesperson to being an insurance adjuster, you’re in a great position. In fact, transitioning from roofing sales to insurance adjusting is pretty common. While these two jobs are very different, there are a lot of similarities that roofing sales professionals are already well versed in. This knowledge and skill can be invaluable in starting your adjusting career and setting you up for success.

You Know Roofs

Perhaps the biggest advantage that you bring to adjusting as a former roofing salesperson is your knowledge and skill in roofing. You are intimately familiar with the work, from materials to installation to maintenance. Because you are familiar with the process of estimating, you know how to spot damage and diagnose its causes. You also know how to estimate the cost of repair. This alone can be a huge learning curve for new adjusters, so having this knowledge under your belt is a major advantage.

You Know the Demands of the Job

Insurance adjusting is demanding work. It involves long hours, travel, and intense physical activity. Much of this is very similar to what you experience as a roofing salesman. You will spend your days driving and climbing up on rooftops to document damages. You also spend your days having conversations with homeowners who may be experiencing a very stressful event such as a storm or other natural disaster. If you are already thriving in this kind of work environment, you should have no difficulty transitioning to being an insurance adjuster.

You Have Empathy for Contractors

The relationship between roofing contractors and insurance adjusters can be a difficult one. Often, each party sees the other as being at odds with their goal. Roofing salesmen are looking to win the job and make money for their company and earn their commission, while the adjuster is looking to accurately assess the damage and get the best outcome for their insurance company and the insured client. As a former salesperson, you understand the position of the roofer because you have been there yourself. Your background as a salesperson may help put the contractor at ease and let them know that you have the same priority: to get the customer a safe, functional roof.

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