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Why A Texas Adjuster License Is So Popular

Many people want to know why the Texas Adjuster License is considered the Holy Grail of adjuster licenses. Let\’s take a moment to break things down for those of you wanting to know how to become an insurance adjuster.

1)    Texas has been well recognized by other states and has reciprocity with every state that allows licensing through reciprocity.
2)    Licensing is relatively easy. Texas only allows licensing for residents of Texas and states that do not have their own licensing. You can designate Texas as your “resident home state” for licensing purposes.
3)    Most conferences and providers offer CE credits for Texas at most events. Some companies are pushing states such as Indiana for licensing, but the truth is, you may have trouble getting your CE credits for those states based on limited availability.
4)    Texas is a HUGE state. If you are going to be working as an independent adjuster, you will want to have a Texas license anyway. Back to the example of Indiana. Indiana has far less natural disasters that you are likely to work on as compared to Texas, so why maintain two licenses instead of the one?

The great thing about being an independent adjuster is you are in control.  You get to decide where you’re licensed and where you want to work.  But as you know in life, it pays to play smart.

Getting your adjuster license is the first step in a rewarding career as an adjuster.  2021Training has made it simple for the new adjuster to get into this field of work.  They have a product called the Texas Smart Start that will give you the basics that are required to be successful. It starts with the Texas All-Lines License and adds a practical how to be an adjuster class. It finishes with the ever important Xactimate class that teaches you how to use the most common software program used by most CAT adjusting companies.

So the bottom line is this.  If the state you live in has a licensing process, you must get your adjuster license there FIRST.  If your home state does NOT have a licensing process, get a Texas Non-Resident License that considers Texas as your “designated home state.”

This is a decision that you’ll never regret and is chosen by 99% of the people who do not have licensing in their home state.  As always, be prepared and informed.

Bob Kramer has been an adjuster for several years, and shares from real property adjusting field experience. He writes for active and aspiring claims adjusters, sharing How-To information and stories from the field. His goal is to help adjusters become more effective and profitable.

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