Why Veterans Make Great Insurance Adjusters

If you are not sure what insurance adjusting is, you are not alone. Catastrophe insurance adjusters help property owners in the aftermath of a disaster. They investigate claims and coordinate payments, helping people in their time of need. Many property/casualty insurance carriers have focused their recruiting efforts on veterans, and they’ve done so for a number of good reasons. In general, companies like to hire veterans because they are dependable. They are also structured, disciplined, and goal oriented. Veterans are also highly adaptable thanks to their experience in the service.

Qualities of Military Veterans That Benefit A Career in Insurance Adjusting

Military veterans transition into ideal property adjusters. They’re very comfortable in a changing, new environment. They have the qualities of dependability and integrity. Veterans are conscientious decision-makers in high-stress environments who understand the value of teamwork and taking the initiative. They are tenacious, adaptable and present a professional presence. They make good employees because of the skills and training they get in the military. Veterans have traits such as:

  • an ability to manage themselves without direct, daily supervision – an ability to manage multiple claims at one time and in a timely manner – ensuring that all claims are filed on time, every time
  • honesty in representing both the homeowner and the insurance carrier – ensuring that all reports and findings are just and fair
  • an ability to interact with the general public professionally and courteously
  • ethical conduct in all phases of the claims process

There are companies who seek out veterans. The industry’s interest in veterans isn’t new. San Antonio, Texas-based USAA, which was founded in 1922 by a group of U.S. Army officers, is almost synonymous with veterans. 

Advantages of a Career in Insurance Adjusting

As an independent insurance adjuster, you have the amazing opportunity to work for yourself as a contract employee to any number of independent adjusting firms across the nation, in whichever community you decide to reside across the country. Claims representatives often handle multiple claims at a time, so they need excellent organization abilities as well as good communications and analytical skills. It is great for the transitioning veteran who is planning on returning home after service to our country. It is a career in which you can literally work from anywhere in the country as long as you possess the willingness to ‘chase the storm’ during the storm season from March to November, typically every year. Being an insurance adjuster is a great job for someone who is disciplined and doesn’t mind the ever changing scenery.

It All Starts With 2021 Training

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