Will COVID-19 Have an Impact on Our Current Coursework?

As more and more states, counties, and cities struggle to adapt to the challenges presented by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) questions have started to arise about whether or not our online classes or training programs for new independent claims adjusters will be suspended. At 2021 Training in Plano, TX, my team and I have spent years supporting people on their path towards becoming successful claims adjusters through our highly effective training process, and best of all, the services we offer are completely online.

This means that our employees, and our students, can go about business as usual without fear of disruption. As a team that is committed to putting the health and safety of our families, coworkers, and students first, we are constantly monitoring the situation across the nation as it progresses, and we’re always prepared to follow all federal, state, and local guidelines in response to this outbreak.

The Value of Virtual Learning

The very nature of our organization allows us to continue operating normally without risk thanks to the power of modern technology and virtual classrooms. This means we can continue providing you, and our other students with all the knowledge and information needed to start a successful career as an independent claims adjuster.

Because all of our business is conducted online, we have already taken steps to accommodate employees that may need to work from home as part of a self-quarantine measure. Thanks to the power of modern technology, everything we do is accessible online, which means that our classes can continue to meet, and our students can get the support and guidance they need to prepare for their first deployment.

The Importance of Cooperation

As part of our effort to reduce the risk of coronavirus within our community, all business travel for our organization has been suspended temporarily. As more and more communities are encouraging residents and businesses to embrace the practice of social distancing, our team has decided that taking steps to conduct essential meetings online or over the phone is an important way that we can show solidarity in the fight to curb the outbreak.

Make the Most of Your Time at Home

Spending time at home is often seen as an opportunity for rest and relaxation, but for most people, the idea of sheltering in place or undergoing a self-quarantine can be frustrating because of how much time is being spent without much to show for it. Instead of feeling trapped in your home while waiting for the situation outside to improve, taking steps to maximize your time, like signing up for online training courses, can make the days pass by surprisingly quickly.

As the seasonal weather patterns across the country continue to intensify year after year, the need for claims adjusters continues to grow. This means that taking advantage of your time indoors could be a great way to arm yourself with the skills, knowledge, and guidance you need to start a new career as an independent claims adjuster. Instead of relying on a daily 9 to 5 grind to keep everything in your life together, you can work as much, or as little as needed while generating more than enough income to put food on the table.

Ask 2021 Training in Plano, Texas for More

If you’ve been worried about the state of your current job, or you’re interested in starting a new career that won’t trap you in a daily cycle, then its time to look into becoming an independent claims adjuster. With online courses and years of first-hand field experience in the industry, my team and I are always ready to give you the support and guidance you need to be successful in this exciting career. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away with any questions you have, or sign up for our online courses to get started.