Winter Storm Nemo “Very Dangerous”

According to storm expert Louis Uccellini, Winter Storm Nemo is “a very dangerous situation and people need to take proper action.”

Emergencies have been declared Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine as a major Winter storm is set to bring several feet of snow on the Northeast.

Meteorology director of Weather Underground, Jeff Masters says the storm deserves the attention it is getting. “This is a serious life-threatening storm if you’re trying to travel in it and getting stuck.”

Heidi Cullen, a climate scientist says “This is historic. This is a big one.  When you have a good forecast and a long lead time… You see it form and develop a personality. And if you name it, it has even more of a personality. It’s the intersection of science, technology and media.”

Winter Storm Nemo - Doppler 2-8-2013
Winter Storm Nemo - Snowfall 2-2013
Winter Storm Nemo - Satellite view 2-8-13