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Winter storms aren’t very common in Dallas, Texas, but they do occur. In fact, last February Dallas faced one of the worst winter storms in decades. Just a week ago, Texans underwent another major winter storm and many houses lost power and their properties suffered damage. If you find a strong calling for wanting to help people recover from their losses when major weather events happen, insurance adjusting might be your thing. And we have some great news for you. 2021 Training offers online courses that will prepare you for the Texas insurance licensing exam. You can take our courses anywhere, and at any time. 

Qualifications for Insurance Adjusting

Although you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to get a license in this career, there are specific qualifications set in place. If you are looking to get your license in Dallas, Texas, or anywhere in the state, you must be 18 years old. You must take training courses in order to take the licensing exam and must pass the exam, and your fingerprints will be taken too.

Every two years, you will need to renew your license and take additional courses. 2021 Training offers these continuing education courses. We will ensure that you have the resources to pass the exam every time. Rules and regulations are always evolving in this industry, which is why renewing your license is essential. You want to show insurance companies that you are equipped with the latest resources and knowledge to execute claims effectively.

What Are the Duties of an Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance adjusters have a set of responsibilities when handling claims. They evaluate the damages in person. So, if a winter storm damaged the claimant’s roof, the insurance adjuster would drive to their house and evaluate the mess. In order to evaluate effectively, adjusters may interview the claimants and witnesses (when applicable). This helps adjusters paint a picture of the circumstances and determine which damages were there before the accident and which ones resulted from it.

Adjusters use tools and technology to assess the damages and keep track of all of the claims. They also consult with experts if they need further information in order to evaluate the damages. These experts can be engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc. After they have assembled the files (recordings, photographs, etc), then they will determine if the insurance company can cover the claim. If so, they decide an amount and send this information over to the company to approve.

Catastrophe Adjusters in Dallas, Texas

There are different types of insurance adjusters. Some focus on claims in the medical field, some deal with autos and accidents, while others work with natural disasters and events like major winter storms. At 2021 Training, we will provide the resources, so you can excel in whatever area you are drawn to. If you want to become a catastrophe adjuster in Dallas, Texas, and help people recover from the next winter storm, we will direct you in the right direction.

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Insurance adjusting is a rewarding career. You get to help people file their claims and recover from unexpected events and losses. At 2021 Training, you will have access to readily available instructors, hundreds of resources, and ongoing support. Get in touch with 2021 Training today and let’s get your career started!

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