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Are you ready to start your new career as an independent insurance adjuster? Well, you have come to the right place. 2021 Training provides online training that fully prepares you for the Texas insurance licensing exam. With our resources, you will be able to ace the exam on the first try. If you live in Houston, Texas, and are looking to get an insurance license, you don’t have to leave the vicinity. All of our classes are completely online, so you can take them anywhere, at any time. Getting certified is as easy as one, two, three. Here’s a look at what you can expect in this career path.

What Is Independent Insurance Adjusting?

This career path offers a lot of flexibility and puts your people and analyzing skills to test. Since you will be working independently, you will be in charge of creating your work schedule each day. You can work 10+ hours one day and none the next. With this freedom comes great responsibility. You need to execute discipline to stay on top of your work. You will also need to set time aside to look for new claims to work on. 

As an insurance adjuster, you will be assigned claims to settle. Claimants will file these when their property has been damaged, such as in a car accident or a natural disaster. You will be called in to investigate the damages and decide how much the insurance company should cover. You work as a middle man.  As part of your investigation, you will interview the claimant, the witnesses, and the other driver in case of a car accident. You will gather facts and data to help you come to a conclusion. 

Background Skills

2021 Training will prepare you for the rules and regulations in adjusting, as well as how to deal with claimants and insurance companies. However, it is up to you to have background in certain areas that can undergo damages, such as the anatomy of a car or a home. The more knowledge you have about the property, the easier and more accurately you will be able to assess the situation and damages. 

Great customer service is a must. You will be dealing with people for the majority of your work. You need to get information out of them and negotiate with both parties. Therefore, you must be able to communicate effectively and have the patience to deal with people going through a rough patch.

2021 Training Will Put You on the Right Track

If you are located in Houston, Texas or Austin, it doesn’t matter. 2021 Training will completely prepare you for the independent insurance license. We also offer continuing education courses to renew your license every couple of years. Our classes aren’t just informative, they are also engaging and authentic. They definitely rival that classroom experience. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out. We look forward to beginning your independent adjusting career!

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